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Reddit, Ordinals, Google, SEC, Web3 security, Rainfi, Hybrid de-fi...

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Alphabot Premium the premier community for WEB3

Greetings and welcome to Edition 019 of alphaTLDR! This week, we're diving into the depths of Reddit as it undergoes the AlphaTLDR treatment. Join us as we uncover the latest news on Ordinals, explore the newest updates on Web3 Security, and delve into discussions on Rainfi and Hybrid De-Fi. But that's not all – we have not one, but two exciting giveaways lined up, courtesy of our generous partners at Polytrade and De: Lithe Last Memories. Stay tuned for a newsletter packed with insights, updates, and opportunities you won't want to miss!


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Google showcases ethereum name services (ENS)

Source: The Block

Key takeaway: Google, through etherscan’s data, will now showcase wallet balances on google when searched upon. Such integrations on globally adopted platforms is a major stepping stone for decentralised applications and infrastructures. Read More »

SEC campaigns to classify Ethereum as a security.

Source: Watcher.guru

Key takeaway: This isn’t the first time SEC has been after ETH. The SEC's legal campaign aims to classify Ethereum as a security, as reported by Fortune, poses a significant threat to the industry's expectation of approving a Spot Ethereum ETF this year, contrasting with the earlier approval of 11 Spot Bitcoin ETFs in January.

Crypto Exchange OKX ends services in India.

Source: nairametrics

Key takeaway: OKX, a crypto exchange, is ceasing operations in India due to regulatory concerns, requiring customers to close all positions and withdraw funds by April 30th in response to local regulations. The Indian government continues to harden their metrics around crypto as we are to see more easing.


Polytrade Reflections NFT

Polytrade is a leader in RWA infrastructure development. They have developed the largest RWA aggregation platform that provides access to a wide variety of investments including tokenized securities, commodities, collectables, etc.

The Polytrade Reflections NFT will act as the key that unlocks unmatched access and to the future of RWAs within the Polytrade ecosystem.

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So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered. Gems to keep an eye on this coming week.

  1. WELL3 Public Sale - 27th March 16:00 UTC

  2. San FranTokyo: Visions Mint - 27th March 22:00 UTC

  3. GAM3S.GG 29th March 15:00 UTC

  4. 0n1Force Ords 29th March


Last week, Bitcoin experienced a significant pullback, dropping to $60,800, which represents a 17.5% decrease from its new all-time high. Interestingly, this cycle has typically seen corrections of just over 20%, suggesting that this recent drawdown might be the extent of the correction we witness. Despite this, the subsequent recovery, highlighted by a hammer doji—a bullish reversal indicator—closing at $67,188, underscores the market's resilience. The contrast between last week's long-legged doji and this week's hammer doji introduces mixed signals. Despite the candle closing below the range of the long-legged doji, the bullish close is pivotal. Continuing the bullish momentum from last week's lows, this week's price action, particularly its potential challenge to the new ATH, becomes crucial in discerning the market's future trajectory.

Ethereum continues to parallel Bitcoin, remaining in a macro downtrend against it but holding above the 0.05 mark. Current positioning necessitates vigilance for potential shifts that could signal Ethereum’s cycle outperformance. Two scenarios stand out: a decisive break above the 0.058 downtrend in the ETH/BTC pair, suggesting a trend reversal, or a drop below the cycle low at 0.04788, hinting at a capitulation event. Either could proceed a wider altcoin rally and the start of a true alt season.

Economically, the Federal Reserve is expected to implement three rate cuts this year, likely starting post-Q2, with the first reduction possibly occurring in late Q3. This expectation depends on economic stability. The Fed's recent dovish stance has slightly raised inflation expectations, maintaining short-term market optimism. However, close attention to evolving employment and inflation data is crucial, as these could critically influence economic forecasts and market sentiment.


Project x De: Lithe Last Memories SBT Airdrop

In the aftermath of Tokyo's collapse, a strange phenomenon occurred, scattering mirrors throughout the city and opening a mysterious gate to a world infested with monsters. To bring back the destroyed Tokyo "Doll Squad " is formed.

In this next-level cooperative online RPG, players lead the "Doll Squad" into battle against invading monsters, seamlessly blending Tokyo's reconstruction narrative with the girls' emotional journey.

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🤑 DEFI 🤑

Hybrid DeFi

There is a new token standard on Solana that is quite like the ERC-404 on Ethereum.

In simple terms, this token standard is the first of its kind on Solana as it is the only one that allows re-minting and generative art. This is the SPL-404.

Here is an example of how this works: Imagine there is a token with the ticker $PEANUT, the total supply of $PEANUT is 50,000,000. You will need 5,000 $PEANUT to mint 1 Peanutz NFT. Therefore, the total supply of the Peanutz NFTs is 5,000 since there will not be enough $PEANUT to mint anymore.

The greatest aspect of this is that the NFT and the token are now both trade-able, so your NFT has become liquid.

Mutantmon is currently the only project that has experimented with this token standard but there will be more projects to release as SolSniper, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces on Solana, has recently announced themselves as the Home of Hybrid DeFi.

Here is a quick summary for those who are unfamiliar with other token standards on Solana:

SPL-20 – the first hybrid token that was build by Metaplex, this token standard is not generative.

SPL-22 – another hybrid token that is built on top of the SPL-20 with a slight improvement which is that it is free from protocol fees however it is also not generative. This was built by LibrePlex. Find out more »


Are you aware there is a NFT lending platform with over $11m in volume that is rumoured an airdrop but severely under farmed?

Rainfi is one of the biggest NFT lending platforms with over $1m TVL and 50,000+ completed loans. They have huge partners such as Pyth Network, Jupiter Exchange and Tensor HQ.

How do you farm it?

Launch the dApp here - https://rain.fi/

Points are earned in three ways:

Lending – Add your money to a pool where borrowers can use your money for loaning their NFTs/Tokens or when a user is utilising the Buy Now, Pay Later feature. Lenders earn 1 point per USD in the pool per day and will earn 2 points per USD lent per day. In order to add money to a pool you must press on Lend on the top of your screen(the minimum lend is 10 SOL), then choose the duration in days and the APY you prefer, the lower the APY the better as borrowers would rather pay less back, then choose the tokens and NFTs you feel comfortable lending to out of the ones listed and there you have created a pool.

Borrowing/Buy Now, Pay Later – Borrow SOL for your NFT/Tokens or borrow SOL to buy an NFT on a mortgage. Earn 2 points per USD borrowed per day. In order to do this, you must press on the Borrow (this can be done for tokens and NFTs) or the Buy Now, Pay Later tab on the top of your screen, then browse NFTs, then find the NFT you want to borrow against, or Mortgage and press buy now.

X (Formerly Twitter) challenges – Rainfi sometimes has special challenges released on their X account that could also earn you points. Find out more »


Security 101: IRL Security - Going to NFT NYC? Crypto Event? Traveling? You are at risk

Make sure you read this before you lose everything or risk your life!

As the world isn't as safe as we hope it is, being a Web 3 active member brings risks to Web 2, here are TLDR of things you need to know

Be cautious with your bags, some people slide an Apple AirTag or similar devices, to tag your location track and go after you, be aware of your surroundings!

Never connect your mobile/laptop to any charging deck USB port, airports, planes, hotels, events, most probably they are rigged by an electronic board that can access your data, copy, and extract.

Never connect to public WIFI, some people specialize in just sniffing around, or playing the man-in-the-middle to get your data.

Disable Bluetooth, and Airdrop on your phones, they can be an attack vector, someone could spam send you a file or a link that can end up compromising your data.

Do not use SMS 2FA, disable it, remove your mobile number, and use @Authy or @Yubico to secure your socials & logins, else you will get SIM SWAPPED 100% better yet use a Hardware 2FA (check previous article Security 101: SIM SWAPS, SMS 2FA, Securing your X Account & more!)

Do not trust SMS that tells you it's your Crypto Exchange or favourite project is doing an airdrop, do not interact!

Do not MINT stuff, don't interact in buying or trading while you are at these events, and do not FOMO without really identifying who sends you links.

Don't take your hardware wallet with you, don't show it off, and don't wear it on your neck like some kind of necklace (e.g ledger chain necklace), you are putting yourself as a target, especially in these events, everyone knows about them, scammers or gangs can target you and try to force steal you putting your life and assets at risk.

Stop putting stickers on your luggage with your Ape, Punk, Azuki, or Pudgy … they have become known brands, and people will know you are in the crypto space, so your luggage isn't safe, it is as easy to bypass it completely, open luggage with a lock intact.

Your wallet, your IRL wallet should be a Passive Anti RFID NFC Wallet, easy enough that scammers tend to get close to you to scan your card transactions without you knowing, they can do it as if they ask for directions and another at your back scanning your credit cards, also do not take all your cards!

Do not save your seed phrase in iPhone notes, cloud services, or photos.

Do not take a main crypto wallet with you on your phone in case of a software wallet (e.g. phantom, meta mask…), Binance, or Coinbase. Your mobile is also at risk of being either hacked OR stolen.

Do not accept drinks or food from someone you just met, even if you knew them long enough on Web 3.

If you think your in-room hotel safe box is secure you are wrong, these safe boxes can easily be opened by several methods:

Hit the keypad top part by the back of a shoe, while turning the knuckle it will open.

Throw the whole safe box on your bed or sofa while turning the knuckle it will open.

Some safes have a reset PIN code by default, so anyone who works there knows them.

There are two holes in the back of the safety deposit box, used to securely fix them to walls, if they aren't, with a small thin rod, you can access and press the internal reset pin button with the rod and open the safe with the default pin.

So don't bring your valuable assets and leave them in there, if you have to, use the hotel's main safety vault, which is opened by a double key system, logged and video recorded.

If you are traveling, don't leave your seed phrase backups, or hardware wallets easily accessible, what can happen to you while traveling, can happen to you while you aren't home/office where you left them.


Bitoshi Blockamoto, the creator of the bitmap protocol, has introduced a new Meta Protocol named index.bitmap. It provides a standard to create an index.html page for each bitmap, similar to traditional websites. With this development, creators can now leverage an on-chain and decentralized approach to content management by employing child inscriptions on bitmap. This system forms a comprehensive family tree file system with the bitmap serving as the root. Read More »

Runestone Airdrops and Claims
The Runestone airdrop event has triggered a fresh wave of airdrop activity within the ordinals space. This week alone, it’s been established that Runestone holders will receive airdrops or WL for the following projects:

  1. Léo Caillard Ordinals Collection (Runestone artist)

  2. The Prophecy by @TO

  3. Gamestone by BTC Machine

  4. LEVERAGE by Solemn

And many more in the works.

Game of Blocks
Over the weekend, ~89k ordinals were airdropped to wallets from a project called Game of Blocks (GOB). This is a gamified experience on Bitcoin featuring multiple phases and a deflationary mechanism. Each phase consists of 144 blocks and the fate of each GOB depends on re-inscription and probability. As of the time of writing, the floor price is at ~$225 with a total supply of ~89k tokens so it appears that many holders are eagerly anticipating the game. Read More »

BRC-20 Issuance and Burn Enhancements Proposal
Layer 1 Foundation has publicly proposed enhancements to the BRC-20 protocol that would introduce the following:

  1. Self issuance mechanism: Changes to the deploy inscription would only allow the deployer to participate in minting.

  2. Modification to deploy inscription: This modification would facilitate the self-issuance mechanism

  3. Adoption of 5-byte tickers: This would help isolate existing assets and prevent unauthorized minting, allowing for a more secure and regulated environment for asset deployment.

  4. Burn method: A universal method for destruction of BRC-20 assets does not currently exist, so it is proposed to send the transfer transaction to an OP_RETURN script that contains no data.

Community feedback and engagement is encouraged in the L1F forum to help shape the future of the BRC-20 protocol. Link to forum » 


Reddit : The power of digital collectibles
Reddit has been in the news lately with the launch of their IPO, signalling a new era for the social media giant. The company's impact and reach are greater than ever as Reddit is stock market debut saw a sharp increase in shares, which closed at $50.44. In addition to the monetary achievements, Reddit is entry into the public markets represents a significant turning point for the non-fungible token (NFT) and digital collectibles industries.

At the helm of Reddit's cultural impact is Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and a key figure in the tech and NFT worlds. Ohanian's engagement in the NFT space shows a deep awareness of the changing digital landscape and a dedication to pushing boundaries, going beyond simple interest.

With the introduction of its avatar collection and the release of 40,000 first-generation (GEN 1) avatars in July 2022, Reddit made its entry into the realm of NFTs and digital collectibles. Following this first release, which included artists like Meme Team and Drip Squad, there was a free distribution based on Reddit users' activity. Artists like Hoppy Doodle, Alicia Freeman, and PUZZ.eth contributed to this initial drop.

Following the success of this launch, GEN 2 Reddit avatars were released in October 2022. These featured Snoos with a Halloween theme and sold out in less than a day. Reddit continued its avatar releases with GEN 3 in April 2023, showcasing work from over 100 digital artists and expanding the collection to over 11 million avatars.

In July 2023, the Cool Cats collaboration, which involved offering exclusive avatars for sale, took place as part of Reddit's broader engagement with NFTs. Cool Cats, known for its distinctive art style and community-driven ethos, partnered with Reddit to offer these exclusive avatars, highlighting Reddit's embrace of NFTs and its commitment to fostering community engagement and creativity.

The way Reddit handles NFTs is consistent with its larger idea of empowering communities and users. By offering avatars for sale, Reddit not only recognizes the value of digital collectibles but also provides a platform for creators and collectors to connect and share their passions. This move has resonated with NFT enthusiasts, further solidifying Reddit's position as a cultural force in the digital space.

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