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Kiraverse, Black Mirror Experience, Crypto Breakdown, Hyped Mints and so much more

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Alphabot Premium the premier community for WEB3

Welcome to Edition 016 of alphaTLDR. This week Black Mirror Experience & Kiraverse get the AlphaTLDR treatment. DW Drummer talks Crypto, Bumper edition of Degen Mints, TWO competitions to win spots with the upcoming Black Mirror Experience and Kiraverse mints..


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

MicroStrategy is raising to buy more Bitcoin.

Source: watcher.guru

Key takeaway: With Bitcoin halving just around the corner, Michael Saylor’s company MicroStrategy is looking to raise a private round of $600M to purchase more bitcoin. This is coming as bitcoin is approaching its all time high pricing (at the time of this writing). Saylor has previously stated that “he will never stop buying Bitcoin “as he sees the future in it Read More »

Ethereum ETF delayed again.

Source: theblock

Key takeaway: The SEC has decided to delay BlackRock’s ETF proposal, making it the second time in the past year. The delay comes as the SEC wants to seek public opinion regarding ether's susceptibility to fraud and manipulation Comments are due regarding this matter in the next 21 days. Read More »

Binance under fire from the Nigerian government.

Source: theblock

Key takeaway: The Nigerian government has demanded a minimum of $10 billion from Binance as the exchange allegedly profited from illegal transactions at the country’s expense. This is not the first time Binance has been reported regarding by government officials across the globe. As a result, Binance has reportedly removed the Nigerian currency (naira) from its peer-to-peer service. Read More »

Coinbase exchange glitches again.

Source: theblock

Key takeaway: Amid the soaring prices of Bitcoin, which lead to an increase in user activity on the exchange, Coinbase has glitched out once again reportedly showing user balance as $0 on their profile. A statement from the CEO Brian Armstrong and Coinbase clarified that it is investigating the matter and that all the funds are safe. We are most likely to see other exchanges come across a similar problem as there’s an influx in user activity, on the platform, as the market heats up. Read More »


So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered. Eight gems to keep an eye on this coming week.


Bitcoin marked a significant milestone this past week, soaring 22% to close at $63,150. This increase represents the third instance in this cycle of BTC recording a weekly close with gains over 20%. With BTC flirting with its previous all-time high this week, there's growing speculation about a potential unprecedented shift in market cycle dynamics, especially as Bitcoin has never set a new all-time high before a halving event.

However, caution is warranted. Numerous indicators when viewed on longer time frames, such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Stochastic RSI, suggest that BTC is "overbought". Additionally, the "Fear and Greed Index" has surged above 80, a level of exuberance last seen in November 2021. The lack of significant back testing in Bitcoin's price ascent raises concerns about potential overextension and the necessity for market corrections.

Ethereum, while also posting impressive gains of 12% this week, still trails significantly behind BTC in its journey back to all-time highs. This disparity is further highlighted within the broader altcoin market, particularly as meme coin sectors show exceptional performance, diverging from the overall altcoin market's struggle to match BTC's ascent.

BTC Dominance remains a critical metric, ending last week at the high end of its recent range, reinforcing the uptrend that began in Q4 2022. This sustained dominance indicates we have yet to see a broad altcoin season materialize within this cycle, underscoring the market's current focus on Bitcoin.

As market dynamics evolve, broader economic indicators remain crucial. The persistently inverted yield curve signals potential recession risks, warranting investor attention. Jerome Powell's congressional testimony is anticipated to be a key influencer of market sentiment. With all eyes on employment data and initial jobless claims, the financial community remains on alert for signs that may dictate the market's direction amid prevailing uncertainties.


Notable Degen Mints

This is the segment where I will be keeping you all updated on the most notable releases throughout the upcoming week!

The mint price may put a lot of people off this project but this is a very limited supply release with A LOT of hype. I would highly recommend minting if you have access, this is a full 1/1 collection made by Digital Damage. Its inspiration for the art is punk-rock all inscribed on Block 9 (which is a rarer sat than common blocks).

Mint Price: 0.0138 BTC
Mint Date: 6th March
Mint Supply: 333
Mint Time: 3PM UTC

This is the second collection from the DeLabs team with their initial collection being the Delabs pass which currently sits at 0.2639 ETH which is always a good sign however i believe it limits the second collection (secondary market-wise). This is a fairly expensive mint on ETH too however there's a lot of interest in the project and they've already minted over 2,000 during presale too.

Mint Price: 0.06/0.08/0.1 ETH
Mint Date: 7th March
Mint Supply: 7,777
Mint Time: 12AM UTC for WL, 4AM UTC for Public.

Another gaming project but they're dropping with DN404 meaning alongside every full token/coin you will receive an NFT. This is fairly new technology within WEB3 and there's been a lot of experimenting so it's worth watching. Also, they hosted a presale for this collection but I am unsure on how many were sold during this period.

It's a mobile anime shooter game with 1M+ people in their gaming community, 300k+ players during season 1 and over 1.4 million on-chain transactions during this time.

Mint Price: 0.06 ETH
Mint Date: 7th March
Mint Supply: 3,000
Mint Time: 2PM UTC

Additional Projects to keep an Eye On:
- 6th March, FreedomWRLD: https://twitter.com/freedomwrld
- 7th March, Gonesis Ring: https://twitter.com/gonesisnft
- 7th March, Mhaya: Genesis Dice: https://twitter.com/mhaya_official
- 7th March, SA World: https://twitter.com/saworld_io
- 8th March, Counter Fire: https://twitter.com/playcounterfire
- 8th March, BLAST SNIPERz: https://twitter.com/blastsniperz
- 8th March, Dyor: https://twitter.com/dyorexchange
- 9th March, Wen Exchange Pass: https://twitter.com/wen_exchange
- 9th March, Creion: https://twitter.com/creionofficial
- 10th March, Smxle: https://twitter.com/smxlenft


Black Mirror, YES, the real Black Mirror has come to Web3, to offer an experience that is quite fitting for what the series itself represents. Many times as we are introduced to the social credit score, the metaverse, neurotech, and the flaws of the technology in this space as well as the humans interacting with it we are reminded of what Black Mirror the series represented at it's time.

Pixelynx is a company that is launching Smile Club with the Black Mirror franchise, this company builds out opportunities for fans to interact with IP in new ways. They have teamed up with Animoca brands to build the "Happiest community on earth" on base. A social experiment where we rank social points to increase our place within the ecosystem, and our rewards.

Their smile initiative has been running for a few months. A website where you smile for the camera on their website, and get a perfect score, you can do this as often as you want but get points for a daily check in, and by referring people you gain more and more points towards a free allocation of their mint. A system that had a lot of people scared to allow camera permissions, but the team assures us they are not recording any data, and just recording scores. This feels like a reflection of the fake farming in web3 where WL farmers fake it till they get WL. Really feels like the Hydration check bot era of the 2021/2022 bull market pump and dump discords.

Are you faking it for WL, or are you genuinely happy enough to smile for 5 seconds...Are you participating in the synergies this brand has with web3 or are you looking for your next Animoca backed bag?

Is this IP limitless in what they can do in the space, or is it just another Web2 cold hearted leaderless NFT project?

Pixelynx, has a history of products and launches. They have been around for quite some time, But mostly in the music space and this has kept them out of my algorithm personally, and maybe out of a lot of yours. In this case they have built Reup, a platform built for Black Mirror that will give you opportunities to engage with the IP, earn rewards, participate in the creation and consumption of new forms of media, mint new NFTs, and partake in missions and gamified experiences.

A cohesive transmedia platform journey does somewhat feel missing in a lot of the ecosystems we are a part of. With the death of "Metaverses" we are left on twitter, and engaging in different websites to feel as if we are a part of something. Is this the new experience we've been waiting for? The one only Web3 allows?

One huge component of this is that the Web2 audience Black mirror has amassed will very much enjoy a platform like this and perhaps even find whimsy in its existence. A sense of nostalgia to the days where this was fiction.

The collection size, collection price and many more aspect of this project are being kept very secret unfortunately...But with Animoca involved, we know there will most likely be a token at some point or another, and with the ecosystem the team has described it does absolutely make sense to have a token that would power it.

They are trying something new, something innovative, and based on what I've read and heard from the team there is a lot more to come. This franchise is very existential, and very meaningful to a lot of us in the space...I hope the project and its experiences will be too.

If this is just another Web2 brand coming to engagement farm us, and our time in order to sell this platform's use case to other brands, I will shed a tear for all of us. On the other hand if Black Mirror builds out an experience that really hits with both Web2 and Web3, this will be something we are all thankful we were early on.



Thanks to our friends over at @InfernoLabs we have GUARANTEED spots to giveaway.

According to the above article
1) Which hit TV show is the Black Mirror Experience taken from?
2) Name the company that is launching Black Mirror Experience?

Send your answers, X id, and Eth address to [email protected] with email subject 'BLACK MIRROR EXPERIENCE COMPETITION'. Winners will be drawn in 72 hours, and notified by X DM.


Kiraverse “The Box” is minting next March 13th, but before that, you might be asking, “What is Kiraverse?

The free-to-play beta multiplayer shooter game was launched in Q1 2023 and developed by Param Labs*, an experienced independent game development studio specializing in multiplayer blockchain games.

*Param Labs is an experienced independent game development studio specializing in multiplayer blockchain games. The team members have prior experience at major companies such as Activision/Blizzard, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft.

The game offers a dynamic platform where players can compete in various game modes to earn digital assets. Currently in beta 2 testing for PC users only, Kiraverse features unique characters and allows players to earn Kira Bucks, the ecosystem's native currency, to enhance their gameplay. More information to come on that. Kiraverse is also one of the first games to have a wager-style Battle Royale game where players can use their NFTs in-game and battle for crypto and fiat currencies.

In November 2022, Kiraverse Genesis NFTs were offered for sale on the GameStop NFT Beta Marketplace. With no gas costs and 100 times faster network speeds, the NFTs could be moved from Layer 2 to Layer 1. In order to contribute to Kiraverse becoming the largest Blockchain Battle Royale game ever, the mint also announced a strategic alliance with Immutable.

Three other collections were minted after the genesis.

The Bridged” characters serve as connectors within the Kiraverse, bridging different aspects of the game and promoting collaboration. Serving also for future airdrops and play-to-earn perks.

The Forgotten” collection highlights characters lost to time, showcasing the history and legacy of the Kiraverse.

Eva & Nate: The first-born KIRA, featuring male and female characters, has been exceptionally popular, surpassing all collections in trading volume on the GameStop NFT Marketplace within just 3 days of its launch, with 4000 pieces sold.


Kiraverse is incubated by Inferno Labs and has support from various investors and strategic partners, including the Abu Dhabi government. Kiraverse is partnered with Immutable and GameStop, both longtime leaders in the gaming industry. Recently, Kiraverse partnered with Animoca Brands, further validating its potential and providing resources for further innovation and expansion.

One of the standout features of Kiraverse is its Pixel to Poly feature, which allows players to transform their 2D pfp avatars into full 3D characters. This tool opens up a world of possibilities for customization and personalization within the game. Players can bring their unique designs and creations to life in stunning 3D detail, adding a new layer of depth to their gaming experience.

The upcoming Mint

Kiraverse is gearing up to unveil its highly anticipated NFT collection, "Kiraverse: The Box," on March 13th.

Each of the 888 distinct NFTs in this limited-edition collection will symbolize a different aspect of the Kiraverse universe. With each NFT being offered for FREE. By taking this action, Kiraverse hopes to build a robust player and collector community while also democratizing access to its digital assets.

The mint is anticipated to be a significant event for Kiraverse, giving players and fans the opportunity to participate in the game's expanding ecosystem and acquire a portion of its dynamic story.

Game Overview: Kiraverse is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter game developed by Param Labs, available on PC.

Key Features: Players can compete in various game modes to earn digital assets, including unique characters and Kira Bucks.

Pixel to Poly: A feature that allows players to transform 2D avatars into 3D characters for use in the game.

Partnerships: Supported by partners such as Immutable, GameStop, and Animoca Brands, with 30+ IP partnerships.

Previous Mints: Collections include Kira Genesis, The Bridged, The Forgotten, and Eva & Nate, with successful sales on GameStop NFT Marketplace.

Upcoming Mint: "Kiraverse: The Box" NFT collection launching on March 13th, offering 888 unique NFTs for free.

Development Team: Param Labs, an experienced game development studio with team members from major gaming companies.

Community: Kiraverse aims to build a strong community of players and collectors through its innovative gameplay and NFT offerings.



Thanks to our friends over at @InfernoLabs we have GUARANTEED and WAITLIST spots to giveaway.

According to the above article
1) When is Kiraverse scheduled to mint 11, 12, or 13th March?
2) What is the name of the gaming studio that created the game?

Send your answers, X id, and Eth address to [email protected] with email subject 'KIRAVERSE COMPETITION'. Winners will be drawn in 72 hours, and notified by X DM.


Security 101: SIM SWAPS, SMS 2FA, Securing your X Account & more!

Twitter. Discord. Email accounts. They're all vulnerable to hacks.

Think SMS 2FA is the answer? Think again.

Recently multiple high profile people getting their X account compromised, leading to people losing their assets from drainer links & fake airdrops!

Sim-swaps happen all too often, leaving you exposed, but don't worry, an extra @Ledger, @Trezor or @Yubico can prevent it all!

First let’s check & secure your X Account:
Go to X (Twitter) on your PC and go to Settings & Account Access

🚨Delegate -> Your Delegations -> Members you've Delegated to use/post on your behalf, revoke anything you see there as soon as possible, hackers usually add it during the compromise, to still get access to the account even after recovery.
🚨Apps & sessions -> Connected apps, remove the apps from there.
🚨Check Current Active Sessions if anything is out or the ordinary, revoke & change password on a new device!
🚨Disable SMS 2FA! Remove your Mobile phone from X, and use FIDO U2F the described below!

1. What is FIDO U2F?

FIDO U2F is an open standard that simplifies and strengthens two-factor authentication (2FA) using specialized (USB/Lightning) or (NFC) devices. These devices are based on similar security technology found in smart cards.

Here's how it works:
Every time you register your device with a website or service, a unique key pair is created.

Then, when you log in to a website or service that supports FIDO U2F, you'll be prompted to tap or insert your device.

Once you initiate the process, the device will generate a new one-time use code to verify your identity.

This method is supported by a growing number of websites and services, including Discord, X (Twitter), Google, and Facebook.

2. How to activate it on your X (Twitter) account (this applies to most sites and social apps).

To enable it on your X (Twitter) via PC:

1. Go to Settings & Privacy > Privacy & Safety
2. Select Two-Factor Authentication
3. Choose Security Key

U2F key for added security.
You can still use a software based Authentication app such as @Authy or Google Auth.

Avoid using text (SMS) messages and remove your phone number from your account, it is a security risk!

You will be asked to retype your password to confirm
Then you will be asked to Add Key

To add, you can use your Trezor, Ledger or even buy a Yubikey

For Trezor T: (Pin Code Active)
1. Connect the Trezor T to your PC.
2. Enter your pin and click "add."

For Ledger:
1. Install the FIDO U2F app from Ledger Live.
2. Enter your pin
3. Click "add" on the website & then open the FIDO U2F app.

After completing the previous step, a backup code will appear.
Write it down & keep it in a safe place.

Do not store it as notes, on the cloud, or take a screenshot of it.

From now on, you'll need to use this device to access your account/ make any changes related to it. If you ever lose your device, don't worry.
You can recover it using another device, with your seed phrase and by installing the FIDO U2F App. This will fully restore its functionality.

Also note that you don't do/use/sign anything related to crypto at all.

Video Tutorials: Trezor / Ledger / Yubico

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