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Michael Saylor, Meteora, Animoca BTC, Poloniex Hacker, Mass Adoption

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Alphabot Premium the premier community for WEB3

Welcome aboard Edition 024 of alphaTLDR! We're excited to have you join us for another edition brimming with fascinating insights. This week's lineup features Michael Saylor, Hong Kong's Bitcoin and Ether ETFs, Animoca's venture into BTC, Meteora, and we dive into the concept of Mass Adoption.


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Massive $32 Million Bitcoin Stash Transferred by Poloniex Hacker

Source: CryptoNews

Key takeaway: On April 30, PeckShieldAlert, a well-known blockchain investigator, disclosed that a wallet linked to the infamous Poloniex hacker transferred 501 BTC, equivalent to approximately $32 million, to three different wallet addresses. This action suggests an effort to obscure the source of the pilfered funds. Read More »

Michael Saylor predicts that Bitcoin will be the sole cryptocurrency asset to receive SEC approval for ETFs.

Source: Decrypt

Key takeaway: During MicroStrategy's quarterly earnings call for 2024, Michael Saylor, the company's founder and Executive Chairman, stated that it is evident that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency asset likely to receive approval for a spot ETF sale in the United States. Read More »

On its first day, Hong Kong's Bitcoin and Ether ETFs attracted over $200 million in investments.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Key takeaway: Arkham Intelligence reports that the Bosera HashKey spot Bitcoin ETF has accumulated 964 BTC (worth approximately $60,352 each) and the Ether ETF has gathered 4,290 ETH (valued around $2,974 each), totaling assets under management of $71.94 million. Additionally, Eric Balchunas, senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, disclosed that spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs created by ChinaAMC have collected a combined $123.61 million in assets. Read More »

Animoca Brands, a leading blockchain gaming firm, embraces Bitcoin as part of its strategic direction.


Key takeaway: Hong Kong-based game software company Animoca Brands is making a move into the Bitcoin industry by supporting the Opal Foundation, a new Bitcoin ecosystem protocol. Read More »


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Bitcoin recorded its lowest weekly close since reaching its new all-time high, continuing its range bound trading pattern. Despite the potential for a deeper pullback, the defined trading range remains intact between $71,300 and $61,769, with critical caps at $73,757 for the upper limit and $59,173 for the lower boundary. This consolidation phase is likely temporary, with eventual expansion expected. Investors should closely monitor these thresholds, as a breach could indicate significant market moves—either a valuable buying opportunity from a pullback or a surge to fresh highs supporting further growth in the crypto market. Preparing for both scenarios with a strategic plan is essential.

ETH/BTC saw a positive shift, closing above the crucial 0.049 level. The focus now shifts to whether Ethereum can maintain this level as support or if it will extend gains towards the current macro downtrend resistance at 0.056.

The altcoin market has experienced a static week overall, though select meme coins like $PEPE and $BONK showed notable performance. The broader altcoin sector’s movements are still tightly correlated with Bitcoin’s direction. Sideways trading in Bitcoin typically results in diminished altcoin valuations in BTC terms, with significant activity expected once Bitcoin breaks out from its current range. A true "alt season" might commence in sync with ETH/BTC breaking its downtrend.

On the macro front, escalating regulatory pressures from the SEC’s ongoing enforcement actions in the crypto sector merit attention due to their potential to reshape the participation framework for U.S. investors. Moreover, global tensions, particularly the escalation of war and the significant drop in the Japanese Yen with JPY/USD levels not seen since 1990, add layers of uncertainty. These developments could further unsettle markets, with upcoming economic indicators such as the FOMC announcement and unemployment data this week being particularly pivotal. How these figures unfold could critically influence market strategies and investor sentiment.

As we navigate these complex market and economic conditions, maintaining a well-informed, adaptable strategy will be crucial for capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating risks in the evolving crypto landscape.


Meteora a dynamic protocol site that provides numerous DeFi tools that assist with Liquidity Pools. These tools include:

DLMM - This stands for Dynamic Liquidity Market Maker. This allows users to precisely concentrate liquidity with ability to update in real-time at the same time as earning dynamic fees. To access this feature press on DLMM on the main page, find the token you want to use, then find the pool that you feel comfortable with and then “Add Liquidity”. Once this is pressed, Meteora will explain which each Volatility Strategy is so read carefully so you don’t accidentally lose your tokens.

Dynamic Pools - This is the basic AMM pool that earns users trading fees and lending yield. This is a lot simpler than the DLMM pool. All you need to do here is find the pair of tokens you want to use, find the pool with the APY you are happy with and then add an amount and Deposit.

Dynamic Vaults - This is a lending aggregator with an automatic capital rebalance that allows users to lend while earning passive yield. This is the simplest feature on the platform, find the token you want to lend and deposit an amount.

Meteora was created by the same team as Jupiter Exchange therefore I expect the project to raise a large sum from seed rounds and I also expect the token to launch on the Jupiter LFG Launchpad with instant access to using the token within numerous dApps.


Mass adoption

A buzzword, meant to signify new participants in the space. Yet truthfully, if we put all of our cards on the table everyone is working towards mass adoption.

The restrictions in the way of normalizing web3 technology, and cryptographic money are insane. Higher barriers of entry have never existed. Some are in our control, and others are not.

As an example, we can work towards solving UX/UI in crypto. Like the difference between using Rabby wallet and Metamask upgrades to the user experience can do wonders for mass adoption. Magic eden wallet allowing you to bridge chains directly in wallet is a huge step in the right direction, safety, simplicity and education are all parts of this space where small change, and big change can be done by us. Everyday users, we can even profit from it. This is the difference in web3 where the freedom to transact is accompanied by the freedom to create.

However larger barriers of entry, like legal onramps and offramps, Points of sale, legislation, supply chain transactions - These are completely out of our hands. The hands that hold the keys to true adoption are a lot older, and a lot more set in their ways than we are. They are the ones at the top of the power chain that will take the longest to understand and adapt to this changing economic landscape. This network that has been built here in web3 is powerful, and it is a sum of its smaller networks. It can build and thrive regardless of their rules, our revolution is permissionless.

As we see more and more countries move towards this obvious future and their advancements due to fostering their own crypto forward business centres. We see a shift in power, a shift in wealth and a shift in technological infrastructure. More specifically The technological infrastructure that will lay a foundation for the coming years geopolitically. This is our generation's responsibility.

Mass adoption will be a combination of many small sparks, it will happen slowly, and then all at once. It will happen, prepare yourself well, for we truly are early.

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