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Messi, TON, Tether, FTX, Fractal Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine Chud, Kohler, Mitosis, Jupiter ASR, Sanctum, Solayer

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Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Lionel Messi's Instagram Promotion of Obscure Meme Coin Triggers 350% Price Surge

Following Messi's post, the value of WATER soared from $0.00032 to $0.00146 within two hours, sparking backlash from the cryptocurrency community. Read More »

Crypto Market Rebounds as Germany Recovers $200M Worth of BTC from Exchanges Read More »

A new Layer 2 solution for the TON (The Open Network) Blockchain is in development, incorporating technology from Polygon. Read More »

The CEO of Tether is championing the development and use of localized AI models as a measure to bolster security and prevent hacking attempts. Read More »

Former executives of FTX, alongside government witnesses, are scheduled for sentencing this fall. The proceedings will address their roles and testimonies related to the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange. Read More »


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So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered.

  1. "FWD", the first to bring physical fine art into the world of bitcoin...

    Launching their PFP ordinal collection on 11th July.

  2. Ordinal brand "C.A.T." is launching their pixel art PFP collection on 11th July, 11 am EST.

  3. "Hybrid", the onchain intelligence layer is launching their PFP collection named "Hybots" on 12th July, 2 pm CET.

  4. "EthCC"—Ethereum Community Conference, the largest Annual European Ethereum gathering is currently ongoing in Brussels, Belgium... ends on 11th July.


Summary Of Fractal Bitcoin - What Is It?

Fractal Bitcoin is a scaling solution for Bitcoin, designed to speed up and enhance efficiency without altering its core structure. Led by core contributors Unisat and Block Space Force, Fractal aims to expand the Bitcoin network's transaction capacity by deploying multiple virtual versions of Bitcoin Core known as Bitcoin Core Software Packages (BCSP). These BCSP instances operate independently yet communicate seamlessly, maintaining system security and reliability while reducing block confirmation times to 60 seconds or less and increasing storage efficiency to lower transaction costs.

Fractal remains faithful to Bitcoin's original design while overcoming its limitations, enhancing support for Bitcoin-native assets such as ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. The Fractal token, FB (Fractal Bitcoin), will facilitate transactions, node access, services, project launchpads, additional layers atop Fractal, and overall ecosystem management, with plans for future mining capabilities.


Last week, BTC fell below the blue band of the FibMa, coming within 1.8% of the green band. The week closed 10.66% below the 2021 upper range level, indicating a potential structural break in the 17-week range. Locally, the trading range looks unstable, but zooming out, BTC is at the mid-point of the 2024 Q1 range, testing the $56,150 level. For a more confident breakdown, this level needs to flip into resistance, confirming that the trading range is broken. Until then, this level is key to watch this week.

ETH/BTC continues its battle at the upper bound of its descending channel, closing back below the trend. Notably, ETH's persistence at this level without an immediate sell-off leans towards a bullish setup for ETH/BTC. The prolonged battle at the trendline suggests potential strength building up.

Total3/BTC and Others/BTC held up decently last week despite BTC's downside volatility. Monitoring their downtrends is crucial. A break in structure could signal a macro shift, marking the start of a broader alt season where alts significantly outperform BTC.

This week, we need to closely monitor CPI and PPI releases, especially after the rise in unemployment to 4.1%. The unexpected market rally following New York's slightly higher-than-expected one-year inflation expectations hints at potential further gains if CPI and PPI reports are weak, suggesting possible Fed rate cuts.

The Federal Reserve is signalling potential rate cuts if CPI and PPI are weak. This, coupled with recent unemployment data, underscores the importance of financial management and caution with risky investments. The current trend in unemployment is concerning, as historically, unemployment can escalate rapidly if economic conditions worsen.

The market is currently pricing in a 81% chance of a September rate cut and 1.25 cuts by November. Investors should be prepared for a portfolio transition in response to potential negative data.


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As the German government sells Bitcoin in large amounts, the wider market has been affected negatively. Memes in particular have reached a point where multiple new launches per day are no longer pumping as people look to preserve their liquidity.

Despite this, it's important to observe which coins have been strong right now. Two of the strongest coins have been Billy and Giga (which I have been mentioning in alphaTLDR since June the 12th when it was under 30m market cap), staying strong above the 100m+ area. The strength of these two likely suggests that they have much bigger moves incoming over the next few months.

Alongside Billy and Giga, another incredibly strong coin is Chud. Another popular 4chan meme, Chud has been breaking a 50 day+ pattern and holding above it during the past week. I've been observing this one since it launched and the community is cult-like, which is very promising when you consider all factors.

If you're looking for strong coins that are a little lower in market cap than the ones already mentioned, I would urge you to take a look at Kohler. Just like Chud and Giga, it's a 4chan meme with a cult-like community and is only at around 2m market cap. The artist is constantly creating and Kohler-ifying pictures of influencers, popular memes and figures and the coin has pumped and held up strong over the past two months.

Wild card pick: Now this one is a massive degen play, but I'm sure you've seen that little Gnome all over twitter and tiktok. Crawly has been ranging a lot between 600k and 2 million market cap so far and it follows a similar pattern that applied to a lot of other tiktok viral memes, like Hawk tuah, Aura and Mewing, which all did similar in terms of price action before pumping to all time highs


This Week’s Airdrop Updates - Week of 8 July

Mitosis x EtherFi x Symbiotic
Mitosis launched deposit pools for EtherFi’s Super Symbiotic Token: weETHs. The first Epoch cap was just 1000 weETHs and it got filled within hours.

In addition to Mito Points (which is counted in a separate pool), you will continue to earn EtherFi Points, Symbiotic Points and Veda Points. The only difference is that the EtherFi Points multiplier will be 2x instead of the usual 3x. This is a good trade off in my opinion.

The team advised that the next Epoch will open soon (likely during the week that you are reading this) so pay attention to their official channels such as Twitter or Discord.

Mitosis Referral link with 1.2x Boost: https://app.mitosis.org?referral=RDSJG4

Solana Summer is upon us!
Let’s spend a bit of time discussing Solana as in recent weeks Solana has made tremendous progress, and just to name a few:

  • Launch of Blinks (Blockchain Links) to accelerate normies adoption

  • SOL ETF applications from VanEck and Cathie Wood’s ARK

  • Pantera calls Solana the Mac OS of blockchains

  • DEX volumes reaching new highs and consistently overtakes Ethereum / Uniswap

  • Paypal launches PYUSD on Solana, and supply is on significant rise

  • A single app (Pumpdotfun) 24h revenue surpasses that of a blockchain (Solana itself)

How can you not be bullish on Solana this cycle! Let’s explore some notable news on Sol Airdrops:

  1. Jupiter ASR

Active Staking Rewards (ASR) for Jupiter stakers and voters for Apr - Jun is being distributed right now. If you have voted on all 9 proposals, you are getting 20%+ more JUP staked which represents a 60-80% APR which is not bad at all. In addition, Jupiter has been executing and shipping new products non-stop with huge community backing. Note that they still have 3 more rounds of Airdrops so be sure to continue to rack up volumes on the app, try out all products including Limit Orders, DCA, and Perp trade.

  1. Sanctum

Sanctum will be airdropping their $CLOUD token to Wonderland participants in mid July and will also do a public launch on Jupiter LFG. The team has completely flipped the script and will be rewarding 50% to liquidity providers (LST holders) and 50% to “earnest” users - people who contributed to the project through educational content and helping others on discord etc.This has created positive vibes within the community and it will be interesting to watch whether we will finally see an airdrop that will perform right out of the gate instead of down only, which has been the case for recent drops.

  1. Solayer

Have written about the Retaking leader on Solana before, but this week they announced investment rounds of undisclosed amount from notable figures including Co-founders of Solana, Polygon and other notable solana projects such as Marinade, Solend and Drift:

They also launched Episode 1 rewards which is claimable until 6 July:

If you missed out don’t worry, there will be multiplier Episodes. I believe this is a promising opportunity on Solana that is worthwhile to get into. You are still early!

You will need an invite code: https://app.solayer.org/invite/77CVAQ


The legacy of Bitcoin magazine

Bitcoin Magazine, founded in 2012 by Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, holds a pivotal role in shaping crypto culture. 

As the first publication dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin, it has been at the forefront of Bitcoin education and advocacy. Over the years, it has provided in-depth analysis, news, and expert insights, becoming a trusted resource for the Bitcoin community.

But the magazine's relevance extends beyond just reporting; it has been instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of Bitcoin's potential and promoting its adoption globally. 

With contributions from leading voices in the crypto space, Bitcoin Magazine has helped demystify complex topics, making Bitcoin more accessible to the masses.

Its comprehensive coverage includes market trends, regulatory updates, technological advancements, and cultural impacts, offering a holistic view of the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

By championing Bitcoin's core principles and highlighting its transformative potential, Bitcoin Magazine has cemented its place as an essential platform for anyone interested in the future of digital currency and the crypto space.

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