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Magic Eden, WADESIDE, NFT Bark, Amber Vittoria, Crypto Analysis, Degen Plays

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Alphabot Premium the premier community for WEB3

Welcome to Edition 011 of AlphaTLDR! This week we are running a giveaway for $MON and BlockGames access codes, WADESIDE the mint, Amber Vittoria, NFT Bark all get the AlphaTLDR treatment plus the usual...


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

South Karaoke crypto platform hacked for $11.5M

Source: theblock

Key takeaway: A karaoke platform based out of korea that rewards users for uploading their karaoke has been hacked accounting to a loss of $730 million in native tokens (SSX) which was roughly $11.58 million. Security still remains a serious concern within the cryptocurrency sphere, with several exploits occurring across multiple chains & platforms. Read More »

The U.S government to sell $130 million worth of Bitcoin.

Source: watcher.guru

Key takeaway: The U.S government has put down a notice that it will be selling $130M worth of Bitcoin that was seized from the silk road case, which arguably goes down as one of the biggest crimes in the industry. It comes at a very awkward timing as BTC ETFs have been approved and Bitcoin halving is approaching soon. Read More »

Russia and India partner up to create a ‘Digital Economy’.

Source: watcher.guru

Key takeaway: BRICS’s international expansion has led to the potential creation of its own native BRICS currency. This currency is rumoured to be related/tied to blockchain infrastructure, as both nations have previously issued their views on adoption and creating appropriate guidelines around cryptocurrency. Read More »

Magic Eden launches rewards.

Source: Magic Eden

Key takeaway: Magic Eden has gradually gained its reputation for being a prominent marketplace that supports and up lights creators & communities. Originally being focused on Solana before going cross-chain, it recently announced that it would be rewarding its OGs users from Solana days in diamonds based on their wallet history (activities). Magic Eden has taken a stance that it wants to make trading and user activity as seamless as possible to allow non-native web3 users to onboard with ease. Read More »


So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered. Eight gems to keep an eye on this coming week.


As Bitcoin approaches its next halving, looking at historical trends helps us understand the current market. By examining previous cycles, shown as red boxes in the attached chart, we notice a pattern: Bitcoin often reaches a peak before the halving, with significant growth usually following the event. Currently, Bitcoin's highest point this cycle is around $49,000. It's unlikely to exceed this significantly until a few months after the halving.

In this stage, Bitcoin typically revisits old highs that now act as support levels, retracing its path in the trading range shown in our chart. This step back is crucial for its next rise, emphasizing the role of past high points in predicting future market movements.

Meanwhile, the broader stock market, like the S&P 500, is hitting record highs. The $5,000 level is crucial, both psychologically and technically, and is important to watch in the near future.

Yet, despite the positive market mood, underlying economic issues are causing concern. The job market appears strong on the surface but is showing hidden weaknesses. Significant job cuts by large companies are raising alarms, especially with this Friday's unemployment figures expected to be around 3.8%.

This week's Federal Reserve meeting is also pivotal. Investors and analysts are keenly waiting to see how the Fed addresses unemployment and job market trends. Their approach to interest rates will be closely analyzed. Ignoring unemployment concerns while sticking firmly to current interest rate policies could signal potential trouble for the overall economy.


Notable Degen Mints

This is the segment where I will be keeping you all updated on the most notable releases throughout the upcoming week!

SOMO: Monolith
SOMO have been building for many months with their first tweet during the bear run in September 2023. This is not their main collection however as it is very limited and free this will be equivalent to winning the lottery with the amount of competition you will be facing.

There is an application phase: https://apply.somo.xyz/register
- Guaranteed SOMO NFTs, exclusive items and $SOMO supercharged.
Mint Price: Free
Mint Date: 31st January
Mint Supply: 120
Mint Time: 12PM EST

Claire Silver: 'corpo | real' on BrainDrops
Claire Silver is a very notable AI artist within the WEB3 scene and I would not sleep on any of her upcoming releases as they should be easily profitable. She is one of BrainDrops genesis artists (one of the first to release on their platform) with her initial collection reaching an all-time-high of 24 ETH and it's currently sitting at 6 ETH.

Mint Price: 1 ETH
Mint Date: 31st January
Mint Supply: 500
Mint Time:
- Whitelist: 1PM EST
- Public: 1:30PM EST

This collection will be a collaborative launch by Nobody and Stephen Chow (a very famous Hong Kong filmmaker who is known for Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle). They are using a similar method to TinFun where you deposit and wait for the raffle results + airdrop to see if you have won.

Personally, I believe the mint price is definitely excessive but there's definitely a chance that this will flip and I would recommend keeping an eye on it especially if you have the liquidity to bid early.

Mint Price: 0.19527 ETH
Mint Date: 1st February
Mint Supply: 10,000
Mint Time: 7AM EST


Chance to get hold of one of the following:

Email: [email protected] with your X id, Eth address and which giveaway your entering on the email subject. Winners will be drawn in 72 hours, and notified by email.

Must be following Alphabot, AP Collective, and Seven for a chance of winning.


Now what is this current mint? Great question.

They are releasing a 13,333 collection. The sale structure is a little different than we are used to, but also somewhat familiar. First 1966 NFTs will be sold during a bucket auction, where partners like Azuki, Animoca, Mocaverse, Aptos and other VC firms will bid as well as Whitelisted market participants. This sale will have no public portion and estimates are that there will be a total of 1500-2000 eth collected, leaving the price per NFT at approx. .76 - 1.01 eth each. 2000 NFT will be dropped to Friends and Family pass holders, the price of the initial sale will impact the price of the 133 NFTs that will be made available to the public each week, for 48 weeks. The bucket auction system itself has previously led to very poor secondary demand, as anyone who wants an NFT participates in the auction and whales drive the price up with larger bids, essentially the price discovery happens BEFORE secondary markets open leaving no room for growth. In this specific case the majority of participants are businesses, and partnered whales leaving speculation open to the greater market on secondary. Will this difference in tactic be enough to break the bucket auction curse we have seen from so many other projects?

This NFT will allow for a mutually beneficial IP building process for holders as well as access the platforms the team is creating, without giving away too much; One system will allow NFT holders continued access to token allocation with parking/staking functionalities, the second is a functional page that will allow token mining to holders via a bolstering mechanic which details about are TBD. Throughout the 300 day long mint, they will be releasing multiple stages of their roadmap, allowing different participants to enter when they feel it is attractive to them by minting or buying secondary. However early buyers will be treated more as angels and receive the largest benefits from day 1, as the token is not unlimited and early holders will get the most possible allocation through a token airdrop as well as mining/staking from day 1. Seeing as this token will be listed on major exchanges and will launch with burn mechanics built in through CRIPCO, for a marketplace, distribution and fulfilment system allowing for launch pad like mechanics, auction mechanics and pure sale mechanics of high end physical collectibles as well as many other burn cases. Seeing as this token is viewed by major exchanges and the space as a Linefriends/IPX token this could make taking that early gamble on WADESIDE very lucrative.

We also know that another subsidiary of Linefriends has recently raised well over 100 million dollars to build a gaming platform on their own blockchain. Which will have integrations and touchpoints as well for holders of this drop as well as previous drops released by the company. Speculating use cases for the same token through this platform this becomes a token with IRL/Gaming/Ecosystem use cases, as well as being able to trade and transact with it on major exchanges. The strength of the possibilities ahead and use cases cannot be overlooked. With 300 million raised in seed funding and no single investor having over 1 million there are no groups or allocations large enough to deter me as a minter, and the lock up/vesting period on tokens for all participants has proven to be a successful model for existing drops.

All in all, I see a well established company that has proven to do a great job at using token mechanics to raise the value of its NFTs, and has an amazing track record in building Web2 IP and launching direct to consumer products. I also see a token with a use case that resonates with me personally as a collector because holders will be able to purchase products off their marketplace using the token instead of FIAT.

Hold, engage, stake to earn tokens, and use the tokens to buy some of your favourite Web3 IP products from huge established partners, as well as the potential of their; gaming, blockchain, and exchange partnerships. leads me to believe this will be a winner for the select few that are able to get in early. Then as floor price establishes social proof and culture future minters over the 48 week long minting period will help them form their community and continue their goals/take over of the IRL collectable demand created by successful Web3 IPs.

TLDR: WADESIDE is a mint for businesses, VC's and whales. That will give them access to the ecosystem and token required to push their businesses forward and take advantage of Linefriends IRL production, distribution and fulfilment infrastructure. The parent company is launching its own blockchain, marketplace, engagement loop, builders economy and gaming platform through various divisions that will utilize the token launched for holders within this greater ecosystem. If you get the chance to mint at the auction you are very lucky, however I'm not sure they have done a good enough job communicating this for the secondary market to POP before the token info and airdrop so secondary demand may be slow, but with the hype and brand recognition they currently have, as well as their friends and family collection trading at 1.75 eth currently I think I will be pleasantly surprised.


This week's artist to watch is LA based Amber Vittoria. I've been following her work for a minute on X but recently she had a collection release called Vibes that caught my eye and has done really well. The pixel style of this collection reminds me of Space Invader's work and the colours are really vibrant on this collection. Amber's works use a really strong colour palette and this can be seen again in her forthcoming collaboration with Kelly Milligan called "Balance". This will be released tomorrow on the legendary Artblocks platform. Dutch auction starts from 2.5eth - 0.07eth. I've seen some videos of these being displayed and they look really good on a big screen. I love how Amber has been releasing some affordable merchandise around her art as well, feels like she's building a nice brand and definitely one to watch.

She has also just launched her first bitcoin release for ordinal lovers called "It's bitcoin vibe" which is a collection of only 10 nfts and has nearly sold out when I checked this morning.


The Impactful Journey of NFTbark

In the world of Web3 and NFTs, Steve Kaczynski, known as NFTbark, stands out as a tech entrepreneur, consultant, and commentator. Steve has established himself as a key figure in the quickly changing Web3 scene with a career spanning Fortune 500 companies.

Steve is the co-host of the Captain Zwingli daily morning show "Coffee with Captain," which has become a cornerstone for enthusiasts seeking expert insights, market updates, and a mature community atmosphere. Surpassing 500 episodes, the show engages over 1,000 listeners each morning, reflecting Steve's commitment to community building and education. As a long-time listener, you can easily understand Steve's character and the concern he has for the NFT space.

Steve is also influential in the field of strategic consulting, where he provides brands and agencies with advice on successful Web3 strategies. His role as Starbucks' NFT Community Lead for Starbucks Odyssey positions him at the forefront of the company's exploration into the NFT space. Launched on Dec. 8, 2022, Starbucks Odyssey introduces customers and partners to interactive activities, earning collectible NFTs (Journey Stamps), and unlocking new benefits through Odyssey Points.

In 2021, Steve, along with Scott, wrote "How NFTs Create Value" for the Harvard Business Review, marking the initial steps on the road to publishing their latest work.

Last week was the launch of Steve and Scott's first book. Readers like me are praising "The Everything Token" rapidly—I'm hooked on this book right now. Giving companies a workable foundation for genuinely incorporating NFTs into software. has quickly established itself as a useful tool for learning about the revolutionary possibilities of NFTs. It is even more noteworthy for having become an Amazon Best Seller so quickly. Steve has given us the best tool to onboard anyone to our madness: simultaneously teaching about culture and technology.

Throughout Web3, Steve Kaczynski has demonstrated humor, leadership, and a love of expanding access to advanced technology. From his engaging daily show and strategic consultancy to his pivotal role at Starbucks, Steve is a key figure in the Web3 future and continues to shape the narrative of Web3, offering valuable insights and fostering a sense of community within the decentralized generation—leaving important prints with his first of many books. A second book is possibly already being written. Keep an eye out for the next chapter in NFTBark as he inspires the ever-evolving landscape of Web3.

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