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Latest Web3 News, Top 5 Airdrops to Farm, Bitcoin Pizza Day, Upcoming Mints, BTC Market Structure and Long-Term Outlook

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Alphabot Premium the premier community for WEB3

Welcome to Edition 029 of alphaTLDR! We're excited to introduce three new writers joining us as Writers in Residence, bringing fresh insights and perspectives. In this week's issue, we delve into the Latest Web3 News, spotlight the Top 5 Airdrops to Farm, celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, and explore Upcoming Mints. Plus, we analyze the BTC Market Structure and provide a Long-Term Outlook. Stay tuned for a wealth of information and updates in the ever-evolving world of crypto!


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Here is your weekly dose of crypto news to stay up to date in this fast paced market:

Source: bitcoin.com

Biden uses veto to against the SAB 121 ruling as it could limit the SEC’s ability to protect consumers and investors. He also mentions in his report that he will approve this once the appropriate protective protocols are in place. Read More »

Paypal has recently announced that Solana is now the second blockchain to support their stable coin, $PYUSD, as they think it’s ideal for users due to Solana’s rapid and cheap transaction. Read More »

Source: x.com/ord_io

Runes are heating up as we see an increase in volume flowing into different coins. Recently we saw $DOG break all-time high after all-time high and now sitting comfortable above $850m market cap. We also saw major improvements of technology for runes coming from Magic Eden and SaturnBTC such as charting and limit orders. Read More »

Source: sei.io

Sei Foundation launches a new update for the Sei chain. The Sei V2 consists of a few new and interesting elements such as the new parallel execution transactions and even an airdrop for stakers and holders of certain NFT projects. The new transaction feature will be interesting as Sei will now be a direct competitor of Monad as they both will have this feature on EVM. Read More »

Pudgy Penguins has now broken 20bn Giphy views which is an enormous milestone that not many Web3 companies could achieve. This shows that more than just crypto native people are using their GIFs. Read More »

Celebrity Memecoins have become a narrative on Solana as we saw numerous celebrities release Memecoins. Just to name a few celebrities: Caitlyn Jenner, Iggy Azalea, Rich the Kid, Soulja Boy and more. Read More »

Roaring Kitty has returned to Crypto Twitter after taking a short few week break causing the $GME stock price to increase by around 50% and also causing the Memecoins $GME & $KITTY to increase by at least 300%. Roaring Kitty also shows his $180m+ $GME stock portfolio. Read More »


So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered.

  1. "Prestige", a brand new web3 Art company backed by huge web2 brands is minting their genesis collection on June 4th, 2 PM UTC.

  2. Renowned web3 artist, "Vinnie Hager" is launching a limiter supply ordinal collection on June 4th.

  3. "Blastin' Pepes", a hyped NFT project backed by "Wasabi Protocol" is minting on June 5th, 3 PM UTC

  4. "Borpa", the next gen memecoin created by "EntangleFi" is launching their public sale on June 5th, 6 PM UTC.

  5. NFT project "Gangster All Star" is launching an ordinal collection named "EvilOrd" on 6th June.


So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered. Eight gems to keep an eye on this coming week.

  1. @CoinGames_Offic

    🎰 Solana's Rising Star Casino. Casino, Sportsbook, Lottery & Revenue Sharing NFTs 💰

    Mint Date: 05th May

    Supply: 2,500

    Chain: SOL

  2. @bythenAI

    Revolutionizing human-machine interaction.

    Mint Date: 05th May

    Supply: 888

    Chain: ETH

  3. @anomalygamesinc

    The AI Gaming Platform | backed by @shimacapital @decasonic @gelatonetwork

    Mint Date: 06th May

    Supply: 888 FREE MINT

    Chain: ETH

  4. @BlueOpenEdition

    NFT Open Edition on

    @Base. Mint and Hold to $BLUE airdrop. | by @0xEthanDuke

    Mint Date: 09th May

    Supply: OPEN EDITION

    Chain: ETH

  5. @BigL_NFT

    The 1st recurring lottery! | Bridging the Gap Between the Web3.0 and the Lottery with a disruptive concept!

    Mint Date: 11th May

    Supply: 6000

    Chain: POLYGON


Upcoming Projects on BTC

Ordinal Hive is developing a trading protocol for ordinals, currently in the testnet phase, with their mainnet launch scheduled for June. They are backed by Portal Ventures and BTC Startup Lab. Ordinal Hive’s mission is to create protocol tailored for traders, offering features necessary for an optimal trading experience, including faster transaction speeds, professional tools, real-time data, and more. There will be a free mint for their Hive Pass, which will be distributed to testnet users and through community collaborations.

Lucid is a lifestyle brand and ordinals project designed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. The project is by a team of Web3 veterans - Chivas, Welcome007 (the founder of Ordinal Geese), Boat Joe, and lead artist Hato. Lucid aims to become a fashion hub for Web3, developing their brand, Lucid Wear, by encompassing culture, streetwear, accessories, beverages, figurines, and limited apparel items. Mint details have yet to be announced, but the supply will be 6,007.

Bitcoin Barney is an upcoming free mint on Bitcoin ordinals with a supply of 2k. They have published lore on-chain about the adventures of Bitcoin Barney, available on inscription #71,137,043 (https://www.ord.io/71137043). The mint will launch on the Ordzaar platform.


BTC Market Structure and Long-Term Outlook

Taking a step back and zooming out is essential when analyzing markets. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day price movements, but a broader perspective often reveals critical insights. For BTC this week, let's highlight the importance of the consolidation period we've experienced over the past few months.

The attached chart shows that BTC has been range-bound between $61,769 and $71,300 for the past three months. This consolidation is occurring directly above the key resistance point from 2021, the upper range. Despite some deviations and brief weekly closes above this level during the prior cycle's ATH, these were relatively short-lived due to the market's overheated state, which eventually led to the bear market.

Fast forward to today, and we see BTC overcoming this level, building confidence, and establishing strong market structure on top of what was previously key resistance. Markets operate in two modes: trending and range-bound. While we have been range-bound in the short term, the longer-term view shows an explosive rally leading to this key inflection point. The current consolidation is building a solid foundation, suggesting that a breakout—likely to the upside—could be in the near future. This sustained structure above the 2021 upper range is a powerful signal, instilling confidence within the crypto space.

ETH and the Broader Altcoin Market

ETH has seen exciting moves recently, paired with the approval of ETH ETFs, which surged the price back to current cycle highs. ETH is now approaching the upper range, poised to challenge its ATH of $4,870. Once ETH breaks into this upper range, we can anticipate it entering uncharted territory and establishing new highs.

The broader altcoin market, viewed through TOTAL3/BTC and OTHERS/BTC, has not yet confidently broken above key resistance areas and has been in a slight downtrend. However, I believe ETH will lead the altcoins in the next move. As momentum builds for ETH, an alt season is likely just around the corner.

Economic Indicators and Market Sentiment

On the broader economic front, we have unemployment data coming out this Friday, with expectations set at 3.9%. Meeting or exceeding these expectations could continue the bullish momentum in risk-on assets. However, should unemployment come in higher than expected (4% or higher), the markets could be spooked in the short term, reigniting recession fears.

In conclusion, while short-term volatility and range-bound trading may continue, the long-term bullish trend for BTC remains intact. ETH is gearing up for significant moves, which could lead the altcoin market into a new bullish phase especially against BTC. Economic indicators will play a crucial role in shaping market sentiment, and staying vigilant will be key to navigating these dynamic markets.


Top 5 Airdrops to Farm


Sanctum is a liquid staking protocol on Solana that provides a platform to empower stake pools to release their own LSTs (liquid staked tokens), along with instant unstake, deep liquidity and intelligent routing (built in collaboration with Jupiter Exchange) for all their LSTs. Their thesis is that this will encourage more users to stake SOL, further securing and decentralising the chain.

Wonderland, their recently released Airdrop program, is perhaps to most fun airdrops on Solana to date. Similar to Pokemon, you collect “pets” by simply holding their corresponding LSTs (18 in total) in your wallet, and these pets accrue EXP (experience points) and level up as well as evolve. There are lego opportunities as well that you can stack with points programs of Kamino, MarginFi and Meteora. More details here »

Linea Voyage: The Surge

From the creators of MetaMask, Consensys’ Linea is the ZK-powered Layer 2 of Ethereum that raised a whopping $726M in funding, recently released their latest Voyage (airdrop program) called “The Surge”.

This time, it’s all about providing liquidity into Linea’s thriving DeFi ecosystem. Linea wants to grow their TVL to $3B within 6 mths. LXP-L is rewarded for qualifying assets that you put on the Linea chain. The Surge lasts for 6 Volts (each Volt runs for 1 month), or when Linea reaches $3B in TVL, whichever is sooner. The LXP-L earned decays after each Volt, rewarding early adopters. More details here »

Mitosis Expedition

If you are bullish Eigen Layer staking and/or already in the LRTs (Liquid Restaking Tokens) such as Ether.Fi, then Mitosis is one you do not want to miss. Mitosis is looking to solve the problem of fragmented liquidity on all the Layer 2 by introducing EOL (Ecosystem-Owned-Liquidity).

Perhaps the most sophisticated and well-designed Points Program I have seen in my farming days, there are plenty of ways for you to earn multipliers to accrue more points, on top of simply depositing EtherFi’s weETH into Mitosis.

Deposit windows are separated into Epochs. 3 Epochs have already reached their deposit caps. The 4th and final Epoch (with no deposit caps) will open soon.

Have your eETH ready and follow this guide as I break down how you can maximise your points through their avalanche of multiplier mechanisms:


Another ZK-powered Layer 2 that raised a significant amount. They recently released their “Scroll Sessions” dashboard where they display the Marks (points) that you are earning for their airdrop.

Users who interacted with the chain before Apr 29th 12 pm UTC was retrospectively awarded with Marks based on total gas fees spent.

Session Zero is currently running and you earn marks by keeping ETH, wstETH, STONE, Kelp DAO’s wrsETH and USDT on the chain. More eligible assets and quests will be announced in the near future. More details here »


A lesser known protocol, likely because it is newly launched and therefore a super early airdrop that you can get in to from the ground floor.

AgriDEX is a RWA marketplace on Solana, looking to bring the $2.7 Trillion Agriculture industry onchain.Agriculture is not to be undermined as it accounts for 10% of global trade.That's HUGE!

Not only that, AgriDEX catches 2 hot narratives in one: RWA x Solana Complete Galxe Tasks here »


The almighty Pizza.

Bitcoin Pizza Day, celebrated on May 22nd, marks a historic event in the crypto world that epitomizes both the humble beginnings and exponential growth of crypto.

On May 22, 2010, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz issued a challenge on a Bitcoin forum: he was willing to spend 10,000 Bitcoins to buy two Papa John's pizzas. Then, a user named Jeremy Sturdivant accepted the challenge and successfully bought a pizza for Hanyecz. This is the first known transaction using Bitcoin for a physical purchase, indicating the viability of Bitcoin as a payment method.

This transaction is now legendary, as those 10,000 BTC, worth about $41 at the time, would be valued in the hundreds of millions today.

But the significance of Bitcoin Pizza Day extends beyond the transaction itself. It symbolizes the infancy of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency movement. At the time, Bitcoin was a niche experiment, understood and used by only a handful of tech-savvy individuals.

Hanyecz’s transaction was a pivotal moment that demonstrated Bitcoin's potential as a medium of exchange, not just a digital curiosity.

Later, as Bitcoin gained traction, the story of the almighty pizza became a cornerstone of crypto culture. It’s a reminder of how far the industry has come—from an obscure project to a global financial revolution. The day is celebrated with a mix of humor and reverence within the community, highlighting both the novelty of Bitcoin's early days and the immense value it has accrued since.

The implications of Bitcoin Pizza Day are profound. It underscores the volatility and speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, reminding us of the massive fluctuations in value that can occur over time. It also highlights the importance of real-world applications for digital currencies, a concept that has driven much of the innovation in the space. It’s a celebration of innovation, risk-taking, and the transformative power of cryptocurrency.

It serves as an annual reminder of Bitcoin’s journey from a tech experiment to a mainstream financial asset, and the community continues to honor this day with pizza, memes, and reflections on the past and future of crypto.

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