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Get ready to be wowed 😮: Guest Writer Zeneca, Hottest Mints, Degen plays, Snoop Dogg, and so so much more.

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Welcome to Edition 003 of AlphaTLDR! Brace yourself for an absolute blast – this edition is bursting with the sparkling gems our fantastic writers have conjured up. The cherry on top: our revered Guest Writer, the one and only Zeneca, graces our pages with his brilliance! Get ready to be wowed 😮


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Binance CEO CZ resigns, pleading guilty to U.S anti-money laundering law violation.

Image source: B

Key takeaway: The crack on Binance goes to show the intent of regulations being placed over crypto in general.

Although JPMorgan believes that the Binance settlement maybe a positive “ as it eliminates potential systemic from hypothetical collapse”.
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Animoca Brands announces a collaboration with Ubisoft’s Innovation Lab.

Image source: Animcoa Brands

Key takeaway: This collaboration articulates Animoca’s on-going strategy to continue partnering and collaborating with Web2 giants to amplify their ecosystem further. This also comes to show that the interest in Web3 and blockchain integrations is still readily being pursued by reputable Web2 entities.
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The optimum foundation proposes ApeCoin DAO to build ApeChain on the optimism network.

Image source: Optimism

Key takeaway: As ApeCoin DAO looks to build out the ApeChain, interest from L2 networks have risen to accommodate for the DAO, the recent trends have shown the rise activity within the DAO and chains trying to incubate the DAO on their chain.
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Crypto Market Volatility and Emerging Economic Challenges

This week in the cryptocurrency market was a dramatic showcase of Bitcoin's volatility amidst escalating global economic uncertainties. We delve into the key movements in Bitcoin and Ethereum's prices, spotlight the performance of notable altcoins, and discuss the broader economic implications of current market trends. Bitcoin experienced a week of significant price fluctuations, showcasing a classic standoff between bullish and bearish forces. The cryptocurrency oscillated around the crucial $38,000 level, with its price briefly surging before facing a sharp sell-off. Ultimately closing the week near its starting point. This lack of strong momentum underscores the current market uncertainty.

The crypto market is currently in a state of flux, with investor indecision pointing towards potential drawdowns. As we approach the Bitcoin halving, historical trends suggest a market rally might follow this period of consolidation. However, considering the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 crash, predictions remain speculative. Historically, the average pre-halving correction has been around 44-46%, with an approximate 20% correction being a baseline for expectations under current conditions.

In contrast to Bitcoin, Ethereum showcased strength, recording a 2.49% gain over the week. ETH's strength this week while BTC stagnated allowed several alts the room to breath.

In contrast to Bitcoin, Ethereum showcased strength, recording a 2.49% gain over the week. ETH's strength this week while BTC stagnated allowed several alts the room to breathe. Among the top 100, Blur and Illuvium saw an incredible week in gains. Gaming altcoins demonstrated remarkable performance as we see the potential narrative take the early glimpse at possibilities. Navigating Economic Uncertainty The global economy is currently facing a wave of uncertainty. Experts are increasingly voicing concerns about deflation, a phenomenon distinct from inflation. The Federal Reserve's cautious approach to monetary policy may lead to a contraction in the money supply, potentially impacting major retailers like Walmart and Costco, known for their focus on unit sales and price adjustments, respectively. Federal Reserve policies have brought the risk of a deflationary crisis to the forefront, reminiscent of lessons learned from the Great Depression. Achieving a balance between necessary price cuts and overall economic stability has become a crucial challenge.


Portfolio Fatigue

If you’ve been in the NFT space for as long as I have — or even half as long — you have probably experienced Portfolio Fatigue. This is a phenomenon most people experience in the space, and it can be particularly harmful to your bottom line let alone your mental sanity.

What is Portfolio Fatigue?

This is basically when you have so many different tokens/assets that you can’t possible keep up with the news of them, and you feel overwhelmed at the prospect.

What usually ends up happening is that you stay on top of none of them, leading to holding too long or regularly making poor investment decisions because you’re ill informed.

What this will look like will vary depending on the person and how much time you have to invest in the space, but there is always a limit no matter who you are or how much time you have.

One thing I intend to do a lot better at this next cycle is ruthlessly trimming my portfolio and keeping as few things as possible to pay attention to.

It’s great to have 100 projects you’re bullish on, but if there are 10 that you are “super mega bullish” on, why wouldn’t you sell out of the other 90 collections and only hold the 10 best? That’s plenty diversified and will save you time and probably make your more money at the end of day too.

Portfolio Fatigue has a few deleterious effects:

You are likely to miss out on “value” from your NFT in the form of a free claim, an airdrop, a partnership perk, an event, etc.

You won’t be staying on top of the project, so you will probably not find a good time to sell by knowing in advance if the project is performing well or poorly compared to someone keeping closer tabs on it.

You will have less time and energy to spend looking for better projects/collections and will miss out on potentially great opportunities because of this.

The opportunity cost goes beyond the time, and includes money too — if you have liquidity tied up in a tonne of projects you have low-medium conviction on (and that you can’t keep up with), you don’t have those funds to allocate to your highest conviction plays

It’s mentally exhausting knowing you have so many NFTs from so many collections. Similar to hoarding real world assets, most people tend to hoard too many digital assets too. Imagine the feeling you get from deep cleaning your house and getting rid of a lot of old junk — that same experience can (and should) be experienced with your digital house too.

Some people have an issue selling something because they think “well what if it goes up from here and I miss out?”

Tis a fair question, but it’s a common fallacy (the sunk-cost fallacy).

To counter it, I like to ask myself the following question and suggest you do the same:

“If I didn’t own these assets and instead had the floor value of them, would I re-buy them?”

Most of the time the answer is going to be “….no”, which is a pretty strong indicator that you should sell and put the money to better use elsewhere.

We aren’t quite in a proper bull market, yet. Things are certainly picking up and we have the makings of a bull market - and whether the real bull has begun or if it takes another 6-12 months, it is coming.

One of the best ways you can prepare is by cleaning up your portfolio and trimming it back to something much more manageable, both financially, and time-wise.

Or as I like to say: by Marie Kondo’ing the shit out of your wallet.

Zeneca a thought leader who writes about Crypto, Web3, NFTs, and the future of the internet. Founder of @ZenAcademy and @The333Club. https://side.xyz/zeneca


Image source: My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan is the last of a dying breed. A bull market 3d NFT gaming project with a STACKED team. During the bull 3d NFTs had a horrible stigma, one that somewhat lives on till today. But with constant rugs through the bull and "ex Disney, ex Marvel, ex creators behind it usually they got a lot of traction but then died, or rugged very quickly.

However My Pet Hooligan launched Dec 2021 and is still on top of its game. With a .06 mint and early game play trailer being so fire of course it took off like a rocket. ATH was aprx 1.8 eth and they even held their value around 1 eth through the bear. But let's talk about why.

During the early days the team was very genuine and involved with the community. Games in discord that allowed you to earn a token tradable for IRL merch, giveaways and even a WL spot to MPH. Game play trailers, doxxed videos behind the scenes with the team, big interviews and even bigger aspirations got the community behind this team and their vision. Their main character Hooli was used as the brand's voice, and spokesperson, his animated VR representation plastered everywhere on the timeline and distinct voice made him very hard to miss.

Built by AMGI studios, since their early launch they have paved the way for legit builders and legit gaming projects/partnerships in the space by focusing on fun, quality, playability and IP. Fast forward to almost 2 years later. MPH is now live on the Epic games store, they have continued to build openly and without apology to anyone they may have left in the dirt behind them. They have air dropped their protagonist Zuk Bots to holders. And maintain a .7 eth floor on the OG collection. These 3d avatars are one of the first 3d gaming collections to actually be a great pfp, which in no doubt helped the holders brand loyalty and their forward facing community be very visible.

Overall I think this team has done great by their holders, by the space, and by Web3 gaming as a pillar of the technology. I look forward to seeing what's next for the entire ecosystem and I will be keeping a close eye on adoption/daily active players and anything AMGI studios releases next. Thank you for reading 😊


Snoop Dogg : Web3 Cultural Impact

Snoop Dogg, renowned in the rap world and beyond, needs no introduction. The rap icon, multi-talented, and cultural maverick has not only made waves in the music industry but also ventured into the dynamic realm of Web3 and NFTs. His influence in this space has been revolutionary, merging entertainment with the limitless potential of digital experiences. I am Cozomo de’Medici

However, it was the revelation of his alter ego, Cozomo de’ Medici, that sparked intrigue and interest in the Web3 world. Snoop Dogg's acknowledgment as Cozomo shed light on his significant role in promoting and shaping the NFT narrative. His acquisition of Deekay’s 'Life and Death' animation NFT piece wasn’t merely a purchase; it was a purpose-driven effort to contribute meaningfully to the ecosystem and promote talented artists. "The 'Life and Death' animation NFT showed the power of art to move hearts and shake souls. That's why I felt thrilled to acquire it, not just for its value but its impact. ~CdM " (Full Post)

Snoop Dogg's recent initiative, #ArtTank Tuesdays in partnership with @Rollbitcom, is a game-changing move toward empowering emerging digital artists. Every Tuesday, Cozomo will acquire $1.5k worth of digital art, providing them a platform and a chance to be part of the Medici Emerging Collection. This initiative underscores his commitment to uplifting creators within the thriving Web3 culture.

Snoop Dogg's impact on the Web3 space transcends his celebrity status. He symbolizes a shift in the way influential figures engage with technology. His seamless integration into the Web3 landscape speaks volumes about the evolving relationship between art, technology, and society change.

His influence echoes the dawn of a new era where cultural icons play an integral role in shaping the digital frontier. Snoop Dogg's role in amplifying the significance and potential of Web3 and NFTs within popular culture cannot be understated.

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