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Gary Vee, Sam Bankman-Fried, Tether, Binance, Silo Stake, SharkyFi, Runes

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Welcome aboard to Edition 020 of alphaTLDR! In this week's installment, we're diving into the worlds of Gary Vee and What do people want, exploring the latest insights and trends. From dissecting Ordinals to navigating the realm of airdrops, we've got you covered. Plus, get ready for thrilling giveaways courtesy of our esteemed partners at Polytrade. Buckle up for a newsletter bursting with valuable insights, updates, and opportunities you won't want to overlook!


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

SBF to be sentenced to prison for 25 years.

Source: Coindesk

Key takeaway: Sam Bankman-Fried, has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for fraud charges linked to his involvement with the FTX exchange and Alameda Research. Despite being placed in a facility near his family and not a maximum security prison, he faces a significant period behind bars. This highlights the severe consequences for financial misconduct, in the cryptocurrency sector. Read More »

Tether adds on to their Bitcoin holdings ending Q1

Source: Coindesk

Key takeaway: Tether, the issuer of the USDT stablecoin, has quietly accumulated nearly 8,889 bitcoins (BTC) in the first quarter of the year, bringing its total BTC holdings to over 75,000 tokens valued at around $5.2 billion. Despite no official announcement, data from on-chain trackers suggests Tether's intention to use profits to acquire bitcoin. This move signifies Tether's significant investment in the cryptocurrency, potentially redefining its role in the market beyond stablecoin issuance. Read More »

Binance charged with tax evasion by Nigeria

Key takeaway: Nigeria's tax authority has charged Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, with tax evasion following a tense period where two senior executives were detained. Amid allegations of processing criminal funds and setting unofficial exchange rates for the local currency, the standoff between Binance and Nigerian authorities has escalated, potentially impacting the exchange's operations in the country. Read More »


Polytrade Reflections NFT

Polytrade is a leader in RWA infrastructure development. They have developed the largest RWA aggregation platform that provides access to a wide variety of investments including tokenized securities, commodities, collectables, etc.

The Polytrade Reflections NFT will act as the key that unlocks unmatched access and to the future of RWAs within the Polytrade ecosystem.

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So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered. Eight gems to keep an eye on this coming week.

  1. @pepeordinals2
    Pepe Ordinals (Free Mint)
    1111 free pepes for the culture.

    Mint Date: Wednesday, 3 Apr

  2. @Elixir_Games

    Powering A New Gaming Age - $ELIX | Backed by @SquareEnix & @SolanaFndn

    Mint Date: Thursday, 4 Apr

  3. @satoshispride

    Satoshis Pride, a collection of 100 lions under 14k inscriptions, each on 2010 sats.

    Mint Date: Thursday, 4 Apr, 16:00

  4. @neighborxyz

    Crypto told through neighbors.

    Mint Date: Monday, 8 Apr

  5. @PlayEldarune

    Interoperable Web3 Gaming Studio

    Listed on Bybit & MEXC

    Incubated by @seedifyfund

    Mint Date: 8 Apr, 10:00

  6. @bballverse_gg

    Global ballers hub, delivering gaming, entertainment, and IRL perks | Powered by NBA & EuroLeague stars 🏀

    Mint Date: 8 Apr, 15:00


Bitcoin's recent week closed with a bullish engulfing candle, highlighting the potential for continued uptrend, however caution is warranted. Indicators like the RSI and Stoch RSI suggest possible bearish divergence and a downturn, respectively. Crucially, Bitcoin's ability to sustain the previous cycle's all-time high as support is under close watch, signalling a decisive moment for the market.

Should Bitcoin extend beyond the new all-time high, the move towards the $75,000-$81,000 range, it would challenge the expected diminishing returns pattern seen in past cycles. Surpassing this critical range would suggest a significant deviation from historical market behaviour, hinting at a broader transformation within the crypto landscape.

Ethereum's recent performance, while impressive, has shown a 10% shortfall from its peak, while ETH/BTC is lingering at the lows of its range. This situation brings us to a crossroads: will Ethereum hold its ground, indicating a shift in momentum, or face a capitulation event that could mark the end of its multi-year downtrend against Bitcoin? Either outcome could be a precursor to an expansive altcoin season, signalling widespread bullish sentiment beyond Bitcoin.

The allure of meme coins continues, with notable surges on platforms like Solana and Base, reflecting a vibrant speculative interest. However, the broader altcoin market's sluggish recovery pace underscores the nuanced dynamics at play, suggesting that a widespread alt season may still be on the horizon, pending significant triggers.

The market's broader bullish trend is tempered by macroeconomic factors, with unemployment figures remaining a key indicator. Monitoring these alongside potential rate cuts and inflation data is essential for assessing market sustainability.

Navigating the crypto market's current phase calls for a balanced approach—recognizing the importance of strategic profit-taking amidst growth and being prepared for market corrections. Realizing gains rather than holding onto unrealized returns is crucial, especially in a market known for rapid and sharp turns. As the cycle progresses, adopting disciplined investment strategies that consider both market peaks and potential corrections will be essential for navigating through the crypto market's uncertain waters.



SiloStake is a liquid staking platform and is one of the leading dApps on SEI chain with just over 6k active users (yes it’s an early ecosystem). So all you have to do is stake your SEI to get iSEI which will earn you a yield. It is pretty much the equivalent of Jito on Solana, this is a token-less platform so it would be worth being early to the platform.

I would recommend staking 2,000+ SEI on the platform which is just over the average (2100 SEI), if you are unwilling to put such capital into the platform/ecosystem then at least have some exposure with at least 500 SEI.

How do you farm it?

  • Load up your SEI wallet with some SEI

  • Head to the website here: https://app.silostaking.io/

  • Connect wallet & stake that SEI to receive iSEI. You will find the stake button directly on the front screen.

    If you haven’t yet dabbled into the SEI ecosystem I would recommend using Leap or Compass wallet
    Silo X / Stats for nerds 

Others airdrops I’m looking at…


SharkyFi is the leading NFT lending and borrowing platform on Solana. Their token will launch with the Jupiter LFG Launchpad.

In order to participate all you have to do is deposit SOL into lending pools of the NFT of your choice OR borrow SOL for one of the NFTs you own. The more volume, the better.


What do people want?

We are in this space for all types of reasons, but most of us can be dropped into 4 buckets.

  • Money

  • Tech

  • Friends

  • Movement

I left out art because technically art enthusiasts also enjoy money and friends, as art is very seldomly enjoyed alone, or for cheap...Also they are in web3 for digital art as a result of their understanding/love of the tech, so they have other buckets.

A project understanding this will allow them to build out well for the different characteristics of their community members.

Those who are here for the money are very easy to satisfy technically, just make them money...is this as easy as it sounds? No....once you make them money, they find exit liquidity. New buyers come in...then you have to start the process again, and make all of those new people money at a higher valuation than where you began. We have seen this be sustainable if growth and trajectory is sustainable. Crypto and N companies are in a constant fight or flight position, daily, with their community, team and the space as a whole. The strong emerge resilient and innovative, in this they satisfy those driven by profits by creating demand and value for holders.

Those who are here for tech are most usually the ones building, those who are building for money have been proven not to last, but those building for tech are able to find longevity through partnerships and an ever evolving landscape which is literally shaped and propelled by their efforts. Holders that buy into a project for the tech can be an amazing asset, aligned with a project they will build with you. Build for you, your community and your vision. Keeping these people up to date, inspired and passionate will be challenging, as they themselves most likely have their own ideas they want to build out. Having them shape those ideas with your ecosystem in mind is crucial. Be their launch pad, be their support network....Be there for the builders.

Those who are here for friends are in EVERY community. Successful or not, they have made friends with mods, team members or other holders. They have found a place where they feel accepted and for this reason they come back everyday. They can be leaders, contributors or supporters. They form subcommunities, keep the vibes alive, they perform outreach while also helping others stay off the ledge of exiting. These people can often be moon boys, retweeting vapidly and lacking substance to their presence, but this is often only for fear of alienating different sides of the community with strong stances and opinions towards anything in particular. As much as these are some of the most recognized community members, some come and go...finding new friends and forgetting their roots often. Others will be loyal beyond the end, and often end up keeping rug discords alive, fully believing their cheer will revive things for all of their friends.

Bringing us to the ones who are here for the movement. These are arguably the most important of all, the true believers. If the concept of crypto and permissionless transactions didn't exist, they would create it. These are the ones who move the space forward, the ones who protect it and protect us all from being washed away by the strong VC current running through web3. These builders, participants, and evangelists are the ones who will dictate the lifespan of this ecosystem. Crypto may be inevitable, but permissionless transactions are not. NFTs and the space we thrive in is not. Not without these prophets. You can tell who is here for the movement, by what they do daily. who they support, who they interact with and how they spend their energy. These community members will uplift you and open countless doors. Or they will smother you and leave you dead in the comfortable bed you thought you had made for yourself. Act accordingly.


BRC-20 IP1: Issuance and Burn Enhancements

This proposal, featured in last week’s TLDR edition, went live on block height 837090. Since then, thousands of 5-byte tickers have been deployed.

Key updates to the BRC-20 protocol include:

  • Self Issuance Mechanism: Introducing “self_mint” to grant deployers exclusive rights for minting.

  • Adoption of 5-Byte Tickers: Providing a clear distinction between self-issued and publicly issued assets, while expanding namespace constraints.

  • Standardized Burn Method: Implementing a uniform process for asset destruction.

Runes: Final Implementation Details Released

Casey Rodarmor, the creator of the Ordinals and Runes Protocols, has unveiled ord 0.17.0, which contains the final implementation of Runes.

The genesis Rune, named UNCOMMON•GOODS, will be hardcoded by Casey. It initiates an open claim lasting until the next Bitcoin halving in four years, with each claim yielding one token.

Rune etchings can specify either a starting block and ending block or a relative number of blocks, akin to an Open Edition mint with a time limit. Additionally, they can include a supply cap, resembling a traditional mint.

In cases where both a time/block constraint and a supply cap are present, the claim will conclude upon which condition is met first.

All set to launch on block height 840,000!

Merlin Chain Updates

This week marks the opening of the BRC-20 bridge on Merlin, enabling trading of these tokens on this Layer 2 chain.

Merlin will begin minting M-ORDI, M-SATS, and other tokens for users who staked corresponding assets.

Due to the overwhelming response to Merlin’s Seal, the campaign will be extended until the Bitcoin halving, providing users with more time to accumulate points.

Staked assets can still be unlocked according to the original schedule, near the halving. Additionally, any airdrops that occurred for Runestone holders during staking will be released back to the holders.

Merlin will support Runes indexer, bridging, staking, and DEX on Day 1 of the Runes Protocol.

AINN Rune Stars Airdrop

Over the weekend, the largest rune in history (3.969 MB in size) was inscribed, followed by the largest rune airdrop to date - AINN Rune Stars. The total airdrop amounted to 210,000 tokens and 40% distributed among top holders in various communities like $AINN, $ORDI, $SATS, $RATS, NodeMonkes, Ordinal Maxi Biz, Quantum Cats, Runestone (2 or more), RSIC (2 or more), Bitman (lottery).

AINN, another Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, was launched on Sunday March 31st.


Gary Vee's long term plan : an NFT empire

Gary Vee is a well-known figure in the NFT world; he is a driving force behind the rise of digital collectibles. He is the reason many of us are here today. His early involvement in NFTs, going all the way back to their inception, demonstrates his acute awareness of new trends. Gary stands out for his active support and promotion of the NFT community in addition to his involvement.

One of Gary's most notable contributions is the launch of VeeFriends, a collection of 10,255 NFTs, each representing access to a unique experience or opportunity. This project not only showcased his creativity but also his desire to give back to his community. Gary's generosity extends beyond his own projects; he has been known to gift NFTs to newcomers, providing them with their first taste of the NFT world.

Gary is also responsible for the creation of the VeeCon conference, which has been instrumental in uniting enthusiasts and creators from around the world. This annual event has become a hub for networking, collaboration, and learning, further solidifying Gary's role as a leader in the NFT space. Looking ahead, Gary is working on the VeeFriends Series 2 brand, building on the success of the original collection. This new series is pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the NFT space, showcasing Gary's commitment to continuous growth and evolution.

In a recent development, Gary has partnered with Moonbug Entertainment to co-create an animated series based on the VeeFriends franchise. This collaboration highlights Gary's ability to leverage his brand and influence to explore new avenues in the digital world.

Gary's impact on the NFT space goes beyond just his projects; he has been a vocal advocate for content creation and community engagement. His famous phrase, "98% of NFTs are going to zero," serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the market and the importance of informed decision-making.

Gary Vee's influence on the NFT space is undeniable. Through his projects, conferences, and philanthropy, he has left a lasting mark on the digital frontier, inspiring others to explore the possibilities of NFTs.

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