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ETH, BTC, Crypto Punks, Frank De Gods, Lulo, BTC Project Foci

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Welcome to Edition 027 of alphaTLDR! We're excited to bring you another issue filled with captivating content. This week, we cover ETH and BTC surges, Frank De Gods, the latest on Crypto Punks, updates on Lulo, and BTC Project Foci. Plus, be sure to check out our exclusive giveaway with Based VC. Let's dive into the latest insights together!


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be. Let's take a look at what's currently unfolding in the market.

Ether Soars After Bloomberg Raises Spot ETF Approval Odds

Source: Coindesk

Key takeaway: Ether (ETH) prices, already modestly higher during U.S. trading hours on Monday, surged after two prominent Bloomberg ETF analysts significantly increased their odds of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approving spot ETH ETFs. Read More »

Gala Games Hit by $23M Token Exploit Due to ‘Messed Up’ Internal Controls

Source: Crypto News

Key takeaway: Gala Games suffered a $23M breach, losing 600M GALA tokens due to poor internal controls, confirmed CEO Eric Schiermeyer. Read More »

Bitcoin Surges Past $71K, Reaching Highest Level Since April

Source: Crypto Rank

Key takeaway: Bitcoin (BTC) has surged past $71,000, its highest level since early April, after a period of consolidation and volatility. This rise has reignited global investor interest and reflects renewed market optimism. Read More »

Respected Analyst Predicts Ethereum (ETH) to Reach $10,000

Source: @CryptoPatel

Key takeaway: Ethereum (ETH) is poised for a surge to $10,000, according to cryptocurrency analyst Crypto Patel, who cites key patterns from Elliott Wave analysis. Read More »

Crypto companies focus on custody market amid increasing institutional adoption

Source: Coin Telegraph

Key takeaway: Crypto firms in North America are eyeing the storage of digital assets for institutional clients as their next target, spurred by the convergence of traditional financial products with cryptocurrencies. Taurus and Fireblocks are among the latest infrastructure providers seeking to expand their custodial services in the region. Read More »

Controversy Surrounds New CryptoPunks NFT Collection Following Criticism of 'Woke' Artwork

Source: Decrypt

Key takeaway: Yuga Labs unveils Nina Chanel Abney's Super Punks World NFT collection on Monday, but vows to steer clear of CryptoPunks after facing criticism. Read More »

DeGods Founder cites uncertainty and panic for bridging DeGods from Solana to Ethereum.

“i used to try to move mountains to appease the community in times of chaos. every single time it's backfired.

the truth is, on the internet you either stand by your conviction or you're a pussy.

i've been a pussy in the past.” Frank De Gods


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So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered.

  1. Tickets for "ApeFest", which will take place from October 18th to 20th in Lisbon, will go live on May 21st.

  2. Pudgy penguins will attend the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, the world's largest licensing trade show, from May 21st to 23rd.

  3. Chimpers will also attend the Las Vegas Licensing Expo from May 21st to 23rd.

  4. Event of the year: Adrian Newman is hosting an X(twitter) space including the Top 5 NFT project founders - Zagabond(Azuki), Luca Netz(Pudgy Penguins), 9gagceo(memeland), Frankdegods(Degods), Cryptogarga(Bayc) on May 23rd 6 pm PT/ Friday 9am HKT

  5. 0n1 Force is launching 0n1 Doll mint on Yoki Origins, opens on May 23rd. Minters could redeem for the first-ever 0n1verse physical collector card.

  6. VeVe is dropping exclusive, licensed digital collectibles related to K-pop sensation "Blackpink" on May 26th.


  1. FUSION by Billy Restey & Gabe Weis.

    An experimental and innovative Ordinals Drop

    Mint Date: 22nd May

    Supply: 3,333

    Chain: BTC


    Welcome to the wild, Kawaii-style Universe of Tokyo Punks feat. Skull Kitties, Bad Bunnies, the Minimals, and more.

    Mint Date: 22nd May

    Supply: 15,000

    Chain: ETH

  3. The Girls of Armament

    We are all SENSHIs_, Generated to win | Art by @GHARLIERA1

    Mint Date: 22nd May

    Supply: 10,000

    Chain: BASE

  4. 0N1 FORCE

    The future of cross-chain storytelling

    The 0N1 Doll mint on Yoki Origins, powered by @AstarNetwork

    =Each mint comes with the first ever 0N1verse physical collector card.

    Mint Date: 23nd May

    Supply: 777

    Chain: ETH

  5. The Informants

    The NFT for multi-chain collectors

    Mint Date: 23nd May

    Supply: 5,555

    Chain: SOL


    Performance Metric-Based Social Poker Metaverse Powered by @0xPolygon

    Mint Date: 28th May

    Supply: 1,000

    Chain: POLYGON


Upcoming Projects on BTC

FUN! is an upcoming collection of 1,000 ordinals by Parker Day, created in collaboration with Casey Rodarmor, the founder of the Ordinals Protocol. Rumors suggest that holders of BUTTERNUT•THE•HELL•CAT, a Rune named after Parker Day’s cat, might assist in securing a whitelist spot. However, this has never been officially confirmed. X: https://x.com/heyparkerday

The Mob
Founded by @NymosXBT, The Mob features a mysterious vibe and an engaging website where you can complete tasks to ‘prove your loyalty.’ The project offers a fun theme and storyline, with plenty of Easter eggs to explore on their site:
W: https://themobonbtc.com X: https://x.com/themobonbtc

Gangster All Star (GAS)
GAS, a legacy project on the Ethereum blockchain, is launching a new collection of 3,333 ordinals on Bitcoin called EvilOrd. These are clones of GAS’s Mr. Orange, officially minting on June 6th. Gangster All Star has also announced their partnership with the Anime Foundation, the largest open ecosystem promoting global anime culture, in collaboration with Animoca and San FranTokyo.
X: https://x.com/gangsterallstar

Oneness Labs
Oneness is the first modular, gaming-focused layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, designed to integrate traditional gamers into web3. The Oneness Matrix, a modular web3 infrastructure, simplifies this transition by providing wallet functionalities and asset management. Additionally, Oneness supports the creation and governance of gaming IP through IPverse, enhancing player engagement and economic value within its ecosystem while ensuring secure and efficient data integration. With $4 million raised in a seed funding round, the project reportedly has billion-dollar IP partnerships yet to be revealed.
X: https://x.com/Oneness_Labs


Lulo is a lending aggregator on the Solana blockchain.

Lulo’s role is to provide users with the best possible yield across all of the biggest lending platforms such as MarginFi, Kamino, Drift and more. The company has numerous investors and financial backers such as Solana Ventures, Circle and more. Although the raised amount is not public, there is some speculation of an airdrop, the airdrop could be fruitful as there are <5000 active wallets.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Head to https://www.lulo.fi/?type=yield and choose the token you would like to use from the drop down list (USDC, SOL and more).

  2. After you have chosen the token of your choice, submit an amount and press “Deposit”.

  3. To keep track of your Lulo Portfolio, press on “Portfolio” on the top of your screen and you should see the amount of tokens you have deposited along with the APY beside it.

  4. To withdraw, all you need to do is press the “Withdraw” button and choose the amount of tokens you would like to withdraw.

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