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  • ETF, BlackRock, Visa, Beeple, Logan Paul, and the usual bitesize nuggets from Web3 and Crypto

ETF, BlackRock, Visa, Beeple, Logan Paul, and the usual bitesize nuggets from Web3 and Crypto

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X Timeline full of wins wins wins… LFG!!


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Logan Paul to issue refunds for the failed CryptoZoo NFTs.

Source: AlphaPacked

Key takeaway: Logan Paul has been exposed by several creators within and outside of the space after CryptoZoo failed due to fraudulent activities from the core team. This also put Logan under a class action lawsuit for allegedly promoting making millions of dollars of cryptocurrency by a non-existent game. Logan has now come public on twitter and announced an “egg buyback” where he’s putting $2.3 million to buy back eggs with a waiver stating you don’t sue him. Read More »

Solscan gets acquired by Etherscan.

Source: Etherscan

Key takeaway: The merging efforts will continue to see efforts in improving the accessibility of blockchain data across multiple networks. Etherscan plans to continue to implement and add more features across the explorers for more in depth, seamless, user experience. Read More »

BlackRock is expecting spot Bitcoin ETF approval next Wednesday.

Source: The Block

Key takeaway: BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager and is one of the many firms that plans to bring spot BTC ETF to market. The approval of the spot bitcoin ETFs remains of great anticipation by crypto natives, as the thesis follows that funds could bring billions in fresh funding into the cryptocurrency sector. Read More »

VISA announces Web3 loyalty rewards.

Source: The Block

Key takeaway: We’ve continued to see giant retailers and services across the industry trying to experiment and adapt to loyalty rewards on-chain. Payment leaders Visa believe that the loyalty reward system will boost customer engagement on their platform. The structure of the reward system will give customers a digital wallet that is used to collect tokenized tickets, coins, and collectibles which can then be applied to virtual and physical experiences. Read More »



Crypto Market Volatility and Emerging Economic Challenges

As BTC nears the ETF decision by the SEC, market participants are excited about the potential implications this could have for positive price action. Despite this, we must recognize the seasonality BTC finds itself in. BTC typically experiences a larger drawdown ahead of its next halving, a move that veterans of the space anticipate as a regular rhythm in its market cycles. Analysts are keeping a watchful eye on how Bitcoin will interact with critical support levels, aware that such retracements often set the stage for subsequent rallies.

Ethereum, as the vanguard of the altcoin fleet, has recently signalled distress, marking its lowest weekly close against Bitcoin since April 2021. This downturn in the ETH/BTC ratio may foreshadow broader implications for the altcoin market. As ETH/BTC stumbles, it could further dampen sentiment toward altcoins.

On the economic front, the narrative is shifting towards deflationary concerns. With inflation expected to taper off, the Federal Reserve may soon implement rate cuts in an effort to stimulate an economy showing signs of cooling. The pivot towards easing monetary policy typically follows financial strain, suggesting a reactive rather than proactive stance by the Fed.

The looming question is whether the Federal Reserve's measures will arrive in time to avert deeper economic strain or if they'll be a case of too little, too late. The effectiveness of any "printing" actions to counteract deflation will be a balancing act of timing and scale, one that could define the economic landscape for the coming year.

Investors and market observers alike are now posed with the challenge of navigating this delicate juncture, where the oscillations of the crypto market meet the broader macroeconomic currents. The interplay between these forces will be telling, as the decisions made in central bank halls reverberate through the ledgers of cryptocurrencies.


Notable Degen Mints

This is the segment where I will be keeping you all updated on the most notable releases throughout the upcoming week!

Key Details
This is a unique release strategy with 4,010 out of the 5,010 NFTs being available through a bidding process. You will need to bid within the range of 0.2 ETH to 0.59 ETH and if your bid is above that of the 4,010th highest bidder, you will have secured a mint.

Some things to note:
- If you aren't within the top 4,010 bids, you will receive a refund.
- If you place a bid higher than the 4,010th bid, you will receive a partial refund e.g. if you place a bid of 0.59 ETH but the 4,010th bid stands at 0.3 ETH, you will receive the NFT as well as a refund of 0.29 ETH.

This project is backed by BinanceLabs, powered by XterioGames and I believe Animoca Brands are also invested making this a project worth watching especially during the bidding period.

Mint Price: 0.2 ETH
Mint Date: 10th January
Supply: 5,010
Mint Time:
- Mechpal Holders: 1PM UTC - 1:10 PM UTC
- Public: 1:10 PM UTC - 1:10 AM UTC (12 hours)

Key Details
Mint Genesis is a free mint NFT that's only available to those who have actively engaged within the NFT ecosystem in recent years. Each eligible wallet will be allowed to receive 1 NFT, I would recommend checking your eligibility here: https://www.mintchain.io/check-eligibility - there might not be a flip opportunity but it's always worth minting just in case it allows you to become eligible for a future hyped release.

Mint Price: FREE
Mint Date: 10th January
Supply: TBA
Mint Time: 12AM UTC (available to claim for 2 weeks)

Key Details
There's not much to really say about this, don't fade. It's a low supply, free mint on ETH backed by multiple VC companies, upcoming token ($PVP) and they have a stacked team. From a traders perspective; this is one of the easiest flips this week!

Mint Price: FREE
Mint Date: 12th January
Supply: 444
Mint Time:
- Guaranteed Mint: 2PM UTC
- Public: 6PM UTC


As someone who is only recently becoming an art lover and understanding the importance of who decides what is art. I loved hearing this.

For those who have not heard of the Freeport founded by Yves Bouvier, a very controversial art dealer, it is one of the largest high security art storage and display facilities there is, specifically in Asia, but also around the world.

The co-owner/chairman and CEO of Freeport recently sold the museum, but they retained the auction services. His son Chaw Wei Yang AKA "Wei" in Web3 has founded Co-museum. It looks like he is building a great example of what it means to be a part of something larger. A network of liberators who want to own a piece of history, while writing it themselves.

I heard about this project initially when they purchased the Azuki Golden Skateboard signed by Tony Hawk and announced they have plans to put it back in the hands of the community. They hosted an event with The Azuki and K11 team in Shanghai showcasing their works, philosophy and brand. Since then I have dug deeper, and learned a lot more.

People lending resources and advising this build towards a new culture and dynamic in the art world include; Devan Michen (head of google Web3), Ray (memeland), Yoon/Verbal from Ambush, NFT now founders, and Adrien Chang, as well as the Pudgy penguins team (based on their recent partnership) and the Azuki team themselves. as well as 25 galleries the team has already partnered with worldwide.

Reading through some team material and speaking with them 1 on 1 I see that there is a significant need for change, the idea of art as an investment vehicle has somewhat killed art itself. With 25 billionaire collectors telling you what they consider art, and this becoming truth once backed by their money there is an obvious flaw in the system.

This may seem like an experiment in Dao ownership, or some project working towards something impossible until you see a little bit behind the curtain. The connections, resources, history and plan execution to date though is something you cannot overlook.

Especially once you find out they have raised VC capital and are the only Art project EVER to be backed by Animoca...

They recently released a free mint to commemorate their collaboration with pudgy penguins, which in fairness caught me off guard as I know they had been talking about releasing something more brand specific. But I am equally attracted to partnership drops like this, as they are a great form of brand awareness.

It is important to learn from projects that have come and gone, as well as those that are still here.

This is one project I think has the backing, guidance, vision and investors to make something happen. And so I will be paying close attention.


In the past few weeks, we’ve seen Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, take the spotlight with his distinctive "everyday" artwork. These pieces of art are time capsules that capture the essence of the present with a dash of shock and a twist of humor. Beeple’s creations are a vibrant tapestry of our modern zeitgeist, from capturing Threadguy’s rebranding to highlighting the buzz around the Bitcoin ETF and the market’s pump and dump. His smart and playful use of symbols—most notably, the recurrent dick, gives his work an edge that defies convention.

Last March, he unveiled the beauty of Beeple Studios, showing his commitment to his work. This enormous project is more than just a place; it's evidence of Beeple's continuous dedication to exhibiting his unique digital artwork and cultivating a vibrant community of like-minded creators.

Since opening, Beeple Studios has developed into a hive of artistic activity, presenting a variety of exciting public events and immersive art shows. Recent showcases like the Crypto Winter Wonderland, taking place on December 16th, demonstrated Beeple's skill at combining artistry and teamwork to create immersive experiences that transport art enthusiasts and creators into a world of digital art.

Admired by both peers and enthusiasts, Beeple is well-known for his friendliness and comradery, having facilitated several NFT events and meaningful conversations within the community. His guest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast was a turning point that highlighted the creative energy and positive aspects that are thriving in the Web3 space.

His contributions are what propel digital art's development. He advocates for the democratization of artistic expression, allowing artists to cross new boundaries in the vast field of Web3 culture by fusing the analog and digital spheres. His forward-thinking approach is still influencing and redefining the artistic expression landscape of the digital age.

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