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Crypto Digest, Memes to look at, Upcoming Projects on BTC, ETH, & Sol, Iggy Azalea, 50 Cent, Sahil ...

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Alphabot Premium the premier community for WEB3


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Ethereum has officially survived the SEC as they closed the investigation against Ethereum 2.0, which means that the SEC will not raise charges claiming that sales of ETH are security transactions. Read More »

Canadian Investment Fund manager officially submits a red herring prospectus for a Solana ETP. This would be one of the first Solana Funds in the world. Read More »

Singer and OnlyFans model Iggy Azalea has announced that Wintermute is now the new market maker of her token $MOTHER. This is a significant announcement because Wintermute has an extremely positive track record of market making other coins in the past. Read More »

Famous rapper and internet personality 50 Cent was reportedly hacked on X. The hacker allegedly launched a coin on Solana. 50 Cent has stated on Instagram that he has no association with this token. Read More »

The latest Jupiter DAO proposal vote has officially ended. The vote determined whether or not the Uplink group of content creators would receive a budget of $552,000 and 2.15 million JUP (vested over 4 years with a 1-year cliff). This sum will go to the Uplink group in which they could also use this to help them invest in higher quality content, they will also allocate funds to community members who create content and set up weekly 1,000 JUP bounties. Read More »

Sahil, now a well-known rugger, has recently assisted famous podcaster Bobbi Althoff in launching a token. This comes just a few days after he supposedly helped artist Jason Derulo launch a coin. In this case, Jason Derulo CTO’ed his coin after reportedly discovering Sahil's rugger activities.

Jupiter is set to launch a new proposal to burn 30% of the JUP supply. This supply will come out of the supply that is not yet in circulation. Meow (Co-Founder of Jupiter) also says that the team is also willing to burn 30% of the team allocation. The total amount all together would equate to $2.4B at the current price of JUP.
Read More »

Jupiter introduces Jupiter Swap V3. This update includes updated instant routing which means that tokens will be instantly tradable upon launch via Jupiter Exchange, Dynamic Slippage which means that Jupiter will allow you to set a max slippage cap, this means that swapping tokens is easier and faster than ever before. Read More »

Helius Labs and Light Protocol have collaborated to develop ZK Compression, a new primitive built on Solana that helps create scalable applications. Read More »


Revived Overworld is an immersive gaming experience with True Digital Ownership. Play or create games and experiences with tools built on Unreal Engine 5, no coding is required! All in one platform:

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  1. @ForbesWeb3
    ForbesWeb3 by @Forbes, empowering the entrepreneurs in web3.

    Mint Date: 27th June

    Supply: 1917

    Chain: ETH

  2. @katanainu

    A Battle Royale - Web3 PC Game with NFT Ecosystem

    Mint Date:27th June

    Supply: 1000


  3. @playCounterFire

    Delivering a casual, fast-paced MOBA gaming experience on your phone, fueled by blockchain assets.

    Mint Date: 28th June

    Supply: 2168

    Chain: ETH

  4. @The_Beacon_GG

    F2P action roguelite RPG, in development. Enter dungeons, defeat evils & expand the Beacon's light!

    Mint Date: 28th June

    Supply: 10,000

    Chain: ETH

  5. @Zone9Survival

    The 1st Zombie-Survival Web3 Gaming IP Ecosystem

    Mint Date: 28th June

    Supply: 999 - FREE MINT

    Chain: ETH

  6. @racinogaming

    Strategic Next-Level Racing 🏎️💨 STAY TUNED!

    Mint Date: 28th June

    Supply: 2000

    Chain: MATIC

  7. @SolanaSensei

    NFT Collector | Solana OG | God Mode Unlocked | Founder of Namaste and Sensei

    Mint Date: 28th June

    Supply: 3333

    Chain: SOL

  8. @CypherClans_

    Solve 13 Secrets, Win $1 Million. Join web3's Da Vinci Code.

    Mint Date: 30th June

    Supply: 1000

  9. @keysbitcoin

    Bitcoin Ordinal Staking Without Wallet Access 🗝️

    Mint Date: 1st July

    Supply: 1000

    Chain: BTC


NATBATS by Bitmap Emporium
Bitmap Emporium is launching NATBATS, a free-mint, low supply PFP project. NATBATS are unique non-arbitrary tokens (UNATs) using digital matter theory (DMT). Every citizen of Bitmap Emporium will be able to claim their own bat, symbolizing community ideals of intelligence, resilience, camaraderie, mystery, and adaptability. Additionally, holding a bitmap (with a minimum amount to be announced) will provide first-come, first-served whitelist access. X: https://x.com/BitmapEmporium

St0xix is an upcoming free mint on Bitcoin with a supply of 111 ordinals. The project will feature IRL IP for merchandise, toys, and books, and will introduce a token, $[redacted], to fuel its ecosystem. The team comprises builders with experience in finance. While St0xix is initially minting on Bitcoin, it is set to ‘evolve’ in the future. X: https://x.com/st0xix

Aeons are merging fine art and PFPs to introduce a fresh new style to Bitcoin ordinals with a supply of 3,333. The art, created in a neo-expressionist style, aims to bring this aesthetic to an eternal blockchain. Currently, KOLs are tweeting about their honorary artwork, indicating a strong start in marketing. The Aeon artist, BASIL, is a resident surgeon with a passion for both science and creativity in all forms. X: https://x.com/AeonsBTC


Taking a closer look at Bitcoin’s recent price action on the 4-hour timeframe using the FibMa indicator, we observe a critical pattern: the blue band has consistently acted as a significant support level throughout this bull cycle. The only extended deviation occurred during the pullback from August 2023 to September 2023. However, once the blue band was reclaimed, BTC typically experienced positive upward price movement.

Currently, BTC has not broken out of its established range and has been testing this critical blue band. Should BTC fail to reclaim this band and the yellow band, it could signal a shift towards a bearish trend. Conversely, reclaiming these levels could drive BTC back into positive territory, indicating a bullish trend continuation.

Beyond the FibMa indicator, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the broader market structure. If the current range turns into resistance, it would add confluence to a potential bearish trend. However, a hold or deviation of the range could indicate bullish momentum. We need confirmation of these moves to better forecast BTC’s direction.

In the short term, ETH/BTC has shown resilience, holding up well during BTC’s pullback. Similarly, Total3/BTC and Others/BTC have rallied from local lows, indicating strong interest in ETH and the broader altcoin market. This suggests a potential for an upcoming alt season. However, the risk remains: if BTC confirms a breakdown from its range, ETH and altcoins could suffer more severe losses, quickly giving back recent gains against BTC.

The S&P 500 started the week with a significant sell-off, unable to reclaim the critical $5480 level. This Thursday, initial jobless claims data (median forecast: 240,000) and Friday's PCE index (median forecast: 0.0%) and Core PCE data (median forecast: 0.1%) will be critical. These metrics, along with global tensions and economic concerns, will significantly impact market sentiment.


Decimated is a 3rd person multiplayer online wasteland survival game where you can choose between different factions, fight against or team up with other players, scavenge loot, transport cargo to delivery checkpoints, collect legal or illegal resources, and build safehouses for your gang.

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The market has taken a massive nosedive recently and with that, memecoins have naturally suffered. While a lot of people have been panicking, I personally think we needed a reset. We've seen this in pump fun new pairs created in a day being the lowest it's been for 52 days.

It's no secret that pump fun has affected the memecoin market pretty negatively throughout its existence by making low effort memes that rug far easier to make. As interest in new low caps declines, it looks like more meme liquidity will be going into mid to high caps. With many of the same people who called the June dump before it happened suggesting the bottom is in, I think it would be a great idea to start bidding memes with strong potential very soon.

Some of my top picks are as follows:

X: https://x.com/michionsolana
Just like Wif originally did after its initial run, Michi has done an 80%+ dip from its highs and while many have panic sold, the core community of Michi has been staying incredibly strong. Not to mention that it's very memeable, with even celebrities like Ariana Grande and Bella Poarch posting Michi memes on their instagram stories

X: https://x.com/mumu_bull
Mumu is the mascot of the bull market and is being pushed by some big players, recently entering talks to partner with Wintermute as their market maker and getting the same people who did Ponke's video content on board to do the same for Mumu. Just like Wif and Michi, it has done an 80%+ dip recently and has still held up, leading me to believe that it could reach new highs when the market recovers

X: https://x.com/NonPlayableCoin
Being an Omni-chain coin on Ethereum and Base, this one has been one of the strongest coins throughout this struggling market

The NPC meme is known by almost everyone across the world and being backed by some big players, so no doubt I think this will be one of the top performers if/when normies start to buy memes en masse.


From idealism to memes

In the early days of crypto, the community was abuzz with idealistic visions. Concepts like privacy, decentralization, open internet governance and blockchain democracy, digital identity sovereignty were all the rage. The idea was to revolutionize the world, dismantling traditional power structures and creating a more equitable digital society.

Fast forward to today, and the landscape looks pretty different. While those grand ideas haven’t vanished entirely, the spotlight has shifted.

The current wave of crypto projects is dominated by memes and community-driven ventures aimed at commercial gain. Think Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and a plethora of meme tokens that have captured the public's imagination.

This shift reflects a broader trend in the crypto world. The initial rush of idealism has given way to pragmatism. Developers and investors alike are focusing on projects that can quickly capture market interest and generate profits. It’s a pivot from the high-minded goals of decentralizing power and redistributing wealth to leveraging the crypto craze for financial gain.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These commercially-driven projects have brought significant attention to the crypto space. They have attracted a new wave of enthusiasts, eager to explore the potential of blockchain technology, albeit with a different set of priorities.

Still, it's important to remember the roots of the crypto movement. The foundational ideals of a decentralized internet and financial inclusion remain relevant. The challenge now is to balance the pursuit of profit with the original vision of creating a more open and equitable digital future.

As the crypto space continues to evolve, there’s hope that these dual aims can coexist, driving innovation while staying true to the community’s core principles.

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