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Andrew Tate v Ansem, Adidas, Monad x Phantom, Pudgy Penguins, Photon, Memes, Upcoming Mints

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Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Andrew Tate and Ansem argue about the timeline after Andrew Tate releases a 17-minute video criticizing Crypto Twitter. Read More»

MMA Fighter Dillon Danis discusses the potential release of a token. He claims he has never been affiliated with any projects, but ZachXBT disagrees and posts a threat outlining all the projects Dillon Danis has been involved with in the past. ZachXBT »

Adidas and the Ethereum Layer 2 Base hint at a partnership for Base's Onchain Summer event.
Read More »

Pudgy Penguins release an interesting blueprint on their future plans with all collections. We can see a mention of partnerships with various projects which could drive value to holders and also a bridge for the Lil Pudgys. Read More »

Memecoin $MANEKI was recently interviewed live on NYSE, it is the first memecoin to be on this platform. Read More »

The SEC's head of crypto asset enforcement, David Hirsch, resigns after more than 9 years with the SEC. He states that he is honored to have led such historic work. Read More »

The Memecoin $BILLY surges by over 9000% in a span of 24 hours amid speculation that the individual behind the CTO is linked to another significant memecoin. Read More »


Decimated is a 3rd person multiplayer online wasteland survival game where you can choose between different factions, fight against or team up with other players, scavenge loot, transport cargo to delivery checkpoints, collect legal or illegal resources, and build safehouses for your gang.

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Thanks to our frens over at Decimated we have FCFS WL spots up for grabs.

Email [email protected] with your X id and SOL Wallet with email subject 'DECIMATED'. Winners will be drawn in 72 hours, and notified by X DM.


So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered.

  1. SocialFi meets GameFi platform "Tribally" is launching their NFT Collection TIKI on 18th june. These characters are playable in "Pixels online", "Nifty Island", and "Ronin Realms". They have a token called $TRIBAL.

  2. "Moon Roll", a licensed casino established in 2022 is launching a free mint NFT collection on 19th June. 20% revenue share goes to the holders.

  3. The most anticipated anime-art based ordinal project "Lucid" is minting on 20th June.

  4. Ordinal project, "NARCOS: El Patrón" is minting their collection on 21st June.

    It's an official project from "Dazzy", a licensed marketplace for phyisical and digital collectibles.

  5. Web3 gaming publisher, "Moku" is launching moki genesis NFT collection on 9th July. Lucky draw raffle is going to happen between 19th - 24th June.


Upcoming Bitcoin Ordinals Project Feature: Frozen With Desire (FWD)

FWD introduces 3,100 unique Bitcoin Spacemen based on Brendan Murphy’s Boonji character, inspired by his "Frozen with Desire" sculpture. Each Spaceman will allow holders to claim a 3D ordinal, created by scanning the physical sculpture. Holders can influence the sculpture’s fate via the Ordia app, a new app for ordinals communities.

Ordia is a native Bitcoin app that allows FWD holders to vote on decisions regarding the "Frozen with Desire" sculpture such as where it gets displayed. Holders can also access exclusive Brendan Murphy artworks by verifying ownership. The app empowers ordinal communities with voting rights and rewards. Early adopters gain pioneer status with exclusive features and incentives.

FWD builds on Brendan Murphy's successful "Boonji Project," launched during the peak of Ethereum NFT wave, integrating fine art with Web3. Notable sub-collections include Super Boonji & Lolee bear, with Super Boonji obtainable by burning four regular Boonjis.

Upon minting, holders receive a unique 8-bit FWD PFP and a 3D GLB Sculpture. Holders can collect real-life art by verifying ownership in galleries and vote on sculpture placements and artistic proposals via the Ordia app. Early adopters receive pioneer status with benefits.

Holders receive:

A unique 8-bit FWD PFP.

An FWD Ordinal (3D GLB file).

Benefits include:

Collecting art from galleries by verifying ownership.

Participating in claiming new art pieces.

Accessing the Ordia app for voting on proposals and gaining pioneer status with platform benefits.

Three random wallets will win a BM art piece valued at $100,000+


Bitcoin (BTC) has entered its lowest historical volatility phase, a rare occurrence observed only seven times since 2012. As depicted in the attached charts, this prolonged period of minimal volatility often precedes significant market movements. Typically, such phases of low volatility have resulted in expansive bullish moves, suggesting we may be on the cusp of a major price action. This is especially notable given the several months of consolidation above the critical 2021 resistance level, now acting as support, presenting a historically bullish setup.

However, it's essential to consider all possibilities. While historically, this notable low of volatility has led to positive price action, there is a potential for BTC to experience further consolidation without a clear breakout. The attached volatility chart, marked with an orange trend line, illustrates a descending triangle—a pattern often considered bearish. If BTC's volatility continues to diminish, it could indicate an unprecedented period of lower volatility and extended consolidation.

On the other hand, should BTC break this downtrend, we could witness a return to higher volatility, potentially resulting in significant price movements, either upward or downward. It's crucial to prepare for both scenarios, recognizing that historical volatility metrics are independent of price direction.

ETH/BTC has yet to break out confidently from its cycle-long downtrend. Despite consolidating at the upper bound, Ethereum has not demonstrated a decisive move against BTC. As ETH typically leads the broader altcoin market, this consolidation phase has left many altcoins in a holding pattern, preventing a true alt season from taking place.

Nevertheless, current levels for many altcoins, both in USD and BTC valuations, present attractive entry points. As we await a clear direction from BTC, altcoins may offer significant opportunities once volatility and directional movement return to the market.

In addition to the technical analysis, it's vital to remain aware of broader economic factors. Inflation continues to be a concern, with the Federal Reserve emphasizing a stance of maintaining higher interest rates for a prolonged period. Concurrently, issues within the banking sector, rising unemployment rates, and escalating global tensions add layers of complexity to the economic landscape.

Depending on BTC's upcoming movements, the broader crypto market could experience substantial changes. A breakout to the upside could trigger a large rally for ETH and altcoins, signaling the start of a robust alt season. Conversely, a breakdown might present the final opportunity to accumulate positions before entering the next bullish phase of the market. While the macro trend for BTC remains bullish, the current low volatility phase signals an impending significant move. Staying prepared for either outcome, understanding the implications for ETH and altcoins, and remaining vigilant of broader economic indicators will be crucial for navigating the market in the coming weeks.


The market has been pretty rough for memes recently, with the celebrity meta taking its toll on a lot of coins that have been around and building for a long period of time.

Despite this, it looks like we will soon see a rotation into cat and dog coins once again, with Billy running from 25k market cap to 60m market cap in one day and the official binance account on X interacting with an image of Billy.

Amidst rumours that Billy is an insider coin, there are many parallels between Billy's rise and Pepe's rise, which kick started a memecoin run on Ethereum.

Keep an eye on Billy to see how the price action develops, because if it holds and goes for another leg up, it's likely we will see a massive amount of liquidity coming in, resulting in a strong memecoin market on Solana in the coming weeks

Just when you thought the market couldn't get any weirder, Pirate Wires which is a big politics publication, broke news on twitter that Donald Trump is launching a solana memecoin ($DJT), with the coin being spearheaded by his son Barron

The hedgefund owner Joe McCann also appeared to confirm this news, stating that the morning before the news broke, he heard of Barron's involvement in a Trump memecoin from three sources

Despite a lot of people being suspecting that both accounts were hacked, one trader made the most of this opportunity, buying over $4072 worth of the coin and within 40 minutes, DCAing out with over $517,710

The news gained so much traction that even Fox News released an article speculating on the memecoin announcement

The coin reached a peak of 550m market cap and considering how big the liquidity pool was and the top wallets owning over 50% of supply, it's highly likely the launch was orchestrated by big players


This Week’s Airdrop Updates - Week of 17 June

zkSync Fiasco continues …

Despite wide spread contraversy over the distribution of the $ZK airdrop, the zkSync Foundation decided not to change anything, citing that it was difficult to balance sybils against real users and that was why they favoured a time weighted value of liquidity provision as opposed to transaction volume. Read more »

Meanwhile, community cries for major exchanges to boycott listing of the $ZK token.

Justin Sun, owner of Huobi (HTX) came out with a poll to ask community whether HTX should list $ZK, citing that they care about the community. Despite overwhelming votes against the listing of $ZK, they decided to list anyway.


Layer Zero dropping real soon!

Founder of Layer Zero, Bryan, won back the community after huge backlash following the announcement of sybil hunt, via hard work and closely working with community on CT on finalising Sybil list and fair distribution of their governance token.

A summary of what we know so far can be found here »

Restaking Wars is heating up!

Eigen Layer was the first mover in the restaking realm, but it is not the only player in town and Ethereum is not the only playground either.

Symbiotic, backed by Paradigm and Founders of Lido, announced deposits of LSDs and $58M cap was quickly filled. EtherFi annnounces new Liquid product to help users deposit assets when it next opens to earn EtherFi, Symbiotic and Veda Points all in one go.

Meanwhile, Karak, another restaking protocol that raised $48M from Coinbase and Pantera, reaches close to $1B in TVL.

Solayer, the restaking protocol of Solana, will open for Epoch 2 soon.


Crashing Solana and creating memecoins: Andrew Tate’s crypto antics.

Andrew Tate, known for his controversial persona and social media presence, has become a significant figure in the crypto world. Initially famous as a world champion kickboxer, Tate transitioned into various ventures, including a lucrative webcam business and Romanian casinos. Despite legal issues and social media bans, he has amassed over $700 million through strategic investments, particularly in Bitcoin.

Tate's embrace of Bitcoin highlights his belief in financial autonomy and resistance to censorship. He adopted Bitcoin in 2021 to protect against traditional financial system limitations, a move underscored when Stripe stopped processing transactions for his Hustler's University platform​​.

In June 2024, Tate launched the Daddy token, a memecoin that has garnered significant attention. Allegations of insider trading surfaced, with claims that a few wallets acquired large amounts of the token before its promotion. Despite the controversies, the token has surged in value, reflecting Tate's ability to drive investment.

Tate’s bold actions continue to make headlines. On June 9, 2024, he burned $11 million worth of crypto to crash the Solana network, showcasing his influence and intent to disrupt the market. This dramatic move highlights his penchant for headline-grabbing actions and his significant impact on the crypto world​.

Andrew Tate remains a divisive figure, leveraging his larger-than-life persona to achieve substantial wealth and influence in the crypto landscape.

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