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  • Andrew Tate, Abella Danger, Gary Gensler, Elon v Apple, Latest Airdrops, Memes, Ordinals update, Photon....

Andrew Tate, Abella Danger, Gary Gensler, Elon v Apple, Latest Airdrops, Memes, Ordinals update, Photon....

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Welcome to Edition 030 of alphaTLDR! This week, we feature Andrew Tate, Abella Danger, Elon vs. Apple, and Gary Gensler, along with updates on the latest airdrops, Ordinals, Photon, and $DOG. Additionally, we're thrilled to introduce our newest writer, Gold, who delves into the world of memes. Plus, don't miss out on our regular news updates. Dive in and enjoy!


GM, GA, or GN wherever you may be.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Don't worry we got you. The market has been brewing, here's what's currently happening:

Controversial figure Andrew Tate storms the crypto market as he demands people to send him tokens so he could “burn” or “diamond hand” them. He received over $30m worth of tokens burning majority.
After this, numerous coins in his name were launched, and some of them reached high market caps. Read More »

Famous Pornstar Abella Danger launches her own token on Solana reaching an all-time high of $26m. Read More »

Photon, the largest memecoin trading platform on Solana, releases a date for their airdrop. June 17th. Read More »

ZKSync, an Ethereum ZK roll-up, finally releases their airdrop Criteria with allocation figures. Token currently trading just under $0.4 pre-market. Read More »

$DOG still on fire as it gets listed on XT. com exchange. This is huge for the runes ecosystem as it has become even easier to purchase runes. Read More »

Over $145m in long positions liquidated after Bitcoin flash dumps below $69k. This causes the whole crypto market to be in the red. Read More »

Elon Musk threatens to ban all Apple devices from his companies as Apple announces new OpenAI integrations into the next iOS update. Read More »

Wormhole releases governance staking for their token $W. Read More »

Sandbox announces raise of $20m with a $1bn valuation. This is a huge step for metaverse companies as they are highly valued by investors. Read More »


So many mints, so little time. Don't worry Mani's got you covered.

  1. VIVID Gallery is launching "Looming Emotion" byA Artist "Arrtu Koskela' on June 12th on Magic Eden launchpad.

  2. "Cookie3" the #1 MarketingFi & AI data layer for businesses, creators, and users, backed by Animoca Brands, is launching its token $Cookie on "Bybit" on June 13th.

  3. Dune404” the first ERC-404 NFT project backed by Animoca Brands, is launching on June 13th. “ERC-404” is a protocol that allows NFTs to become tokens and vice versa.

  4. "Oranj" an RWA-based project, is launching its genesis ordinal collection on June 14th.


Unisat’s $PIZZA Distribution
Over a 3-day period, Unisat distributed its 5-byte BRC-20 token called $PIZZA to all eligible users who completed the claim, totaling over 200,000 unique wallets. With a supply of 21 million, $PIZZA was deployed and minted by Unisat as an airdrop to show appreciation for its long-term supporters. Initially, sales of $PIZZA started at approximately 5,000 sats (~$3.49) and climbed to nearly 12,000 sats ($8.37) over the weekend. Most wallets received 100 $PIZZA each, resulting in a valuable airdrop of roughly $350-$830 for many users. This event significantly increased attention on Unisat’s new 5-byte tickers. Twitter 

Consolidation Transactions
Over the weekend, OKX conducted over 2,000 consolidation transactions, apparently using an automated system to bid against its own transactions, causing mempool fees to spike significantly. In total, they spent around 254 BTC, or approximately $17.6 million USD, in fees. At times, mempool fees exceeded 500 sat/vB, greatly reducing on-chain activity. This activity has since ended, and mempool fee levels have returned to normal. Source 

Phantom Goes Live With Bitmap Swap
UniCross and Merlin Chain have launched Phantom, the first BTC asset swap, which went live this past week with Bitmap. The goal is to enhance liquidity and expand application scenarios for BTC assets, including Bitmap, runes, BRC-20, BRC-420, and ordinals. With Bitmap now live, users can swap Bitmap for THE•BITMAP•TOKEN (RUNES) at a fixed exchange rate of 1 Bitmap = 10,000 THE•BITMAP•TOKEN. The Phantom contract was audited by the contract auditing firm Scalebit. More info » 


Taking a step back and zooming out on Bitcoin's price structure provides valuable insights into where we currently stand and what might unfold while maintaining the overall bullish trend. It's essential to be prepared for various scenarios, including the possibility of deeper pullbacks, to take advantage of potential market moves.

2017 Cycle: BTC remained close to the yellow band, finally breaking above it, marking the parabolic rally for the cycle.

2020 Cycle: BTC was unable to hold the yellow band as support and fell to the blue band before ultimately overcoming the yellow band, leading to the parabolic rally that marked the cycle's peak.

Current Cycle Analysis
In the current cycle, BTC has seen significant consolidation above the previous resistance point from 2021. This consolidation, directly above what was a key resistance level, is a positive signal, indicating strong market structure and confidence. However, we cannot ignore the possibility of a deeper pullback, which could be a healthy part of the long-term bullish trend.

Key Levels to Watch
Support: $61,769 (2021 upper range) remains a critical level of support. A break below this could signal a more significant correction.

Resistance: $71,300 and $73,757 (current ATH) are key resistance levels. Breaking above these could lead to new all-time highs.

Potential Scenarios
Bullish Continuation: If BTC continues to hold above the $61,769 level and breaks above $73,757, we could see a continuation of the bullish trend, potentially leading to new ATHs. This scenario aligns with the historical patterns of previous cycles where breaking key resistance levels led to parabolic moves.

A breakout would likely spark a large rally for Ethereum (ETH) and altcoins, leading to a broader market surge.

Should BTC fail to hold above the $61,769 support level, a deeper pullback could occur. Historically, deeper corrections during bull runs have been followed by strong recoveries. In this scenario, BTC could revisit lower support bands (similar to the blue band in the 2020 cycle) before resuming its upward trajectory.

A breakdown could offer the final opportunity to accumulate positions in BTC and altcoins before moving into the next leg of the bull market.

Accumulation: Accumulating positions during corrections can be a beneficial strategy, as the long-term bullish trend remains intact.

Risk Management: Understanding and respecting key support and resistance levels can help manage risk effectively.

Flexibility: Being prepared for both bullish and bearish scenarios ensures that you can adapt to market conditions and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

This week is particularly crucial with several key economic events on the calendar:

CPI (Consumer Price Index) and FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) announcements today, which are expected to bring major volatility depending on the data.

PPI (Producer Price Index) later in the week.

These events will significantly impact market sentiment, as concerns about inflation, bank stability, and interest rate decisions continue to weigh on investors. Staying informed and prepared for potential volatility will be essential in navigating the markets this week.

While the current consolidation above key levels is a positive sign, it is crucial to remain vigilant and prepared for various outcomes. By monitoring critical support and resistance levels and understanding historical patterns, investors can navigate the market with greater confidence and make informed decisions. The broader crypto market will also react accordingly, with significant implications for both bullish and bearish scenarios.


Memes have been a dominant part of this cycle so far, but with Doge almost 4x lower than it's previous ATH, it looks as if we still have a long way to go.

Right now we're seeing a rotation of metas, going from Gamestop, to celebrities, now back to Gamestop meta; the truth is that these metas will be short-lived and the best play is to invest in midcaps that have long term potential - there are multiple coins between 15-60m marketcap that will reach new highs, up to billions.

Here are two of my top picks:
Gigachad - $GIGA
Gigachad is one of the most OG of memes on 4chan. It's likely that the majority of people who spend time on the internet know this meme and alongside this, they have a registered business in Delaware called 'Giga Fitness', where they'll be selling gymwear and fitness apparel, rotating a percentage of the profits into buybacks and burns.

Mumu is another famous 4chan meme, made to personify a bull market. In these memes, Mumu competes with Bobo in an eternal struggle for the future of the markets.

This is one of the most obvious plays to me considering that we're in a bull market and when it peaks, memes of mumu will be rampant all over the internet


This Week’s Airdrop Updates

Wonderland Season 1 ended on 6 June when it hit $1B TVL
Season 2 towards end of year until team designs a new creative campaign
Token will be $CLOUD and tokenomics announced, with 10% of supply for airdrops.
Public launch will be on Jupiter LFG, with no VCs
No CEX listing fees will be paid. CEX can list $CLOUD themselves as they see fit
For more details, please refer to my post: https://x.com/cruzcontrol660/status/1798374332680548851

If you are wondering what to do now with your Sanctum LSTs, my strategy guide here: https://x.com/cruzcontrol660/status/1798759631306805656

Wormhole Staking and Monad Airdrop
Wormhole opened for staking and delegation a few days ago, which is heavily rumoured to be a qualifier for the Monad Airdrop.

Monad is a highly anticipated project with EVM compatibility, 10K transactions / second, one second block time and parallelised execution. It also raised a whooping $225M led by Paradigm.

If you are wondering how to delegate your $W, why and how it relates to Monad, please refer to my guide here: https://x.com/cruzcontrol660/status/1799831638635147722

Aethir CloudDrop
Aethir, a highly anticipated AI x Gaming DePin project that has more GPU processing power thann Render and Akash combined, concluded their CloudDrop campaign on 29 May.

TGE is scheduled for 12 June, with Tier 1 CEX listings including ByBit, OKX, Gate.io, MEXC and others.

A sneak peak: 6% $ATH of total supply will be airdropped, divided into 3 seasons

Staking is coming soon, with more airdrops from various partners such as Beam, Sophon, CARV and 15+ others planned for $ATH stakers

Long terms stakers will be able to participate in Seasons 2 and 3, with the largest pool of airdrops is planned for the final season.

Liquid staking will be made available for further use cases in DeFi

Overall, very bullish for the Aethir project.


Eigen Layer is not the only restaking player in town.

Restaking helps to boost capital efficiency and security of a network by using already staked assets to secure multiple protocols, thereby earning stakers higher potential returns.

Solayer intends to introduce a network of app chains to Solana, extending economic security and execution capabilities.

We are already seeing early success with Solayer, with its private-access only Epoch 0's $20M cap limit filled within 45 mins. The recent Epoch 1 30M Cap limit got filled within 2 hours.

According to Blockworks, Solayer is looking to raise $8 million at an $80 million valuation led by Polychain:

There is a planned total of 7 Epochs, so stay tuned when next Epoch opens. If you feel late to Eigen Layer restaking, Solayer is still an early opportunity to take advantage of.

Note that: Solayer take deposits in native SOL, mSOL, JitoSOL, bSOL and INF
Withdrawals are disabled until Epoch 3
You will need an invite code to access, here is my permanent invite code: 77CVAQ


The hottest news fresh off the press this week has got to be the launch of the zkSync eligibility checker: https://x.com/TheZKNation/status/1800424206129357194

To max qualify for the airdrop:

interacted with 10 smart contracts

made DeFi deposits

minted the Libertas Omnibus NFT

used paymaster 5 times

transacted with zkSync Lite on 3 different months before launch of zkSync Era

The snapshot was taken on 24 Mar 2024, one year after the Mainnet launch of Era.

In their latest blog post, they mentioned that only loose sybil filtering was applied to avoid “filtering out real users”, but CT is already circulating sybil account max qualifying for tokens on ridiculous number of sybil wallets, while real users are getting zero tokens.

With the launch of the token scheduled on 17 June, there is still time rectify this otherwise there will be a lot of hate for sure as many users have waited 3-4 years for this project with very high expectations.

In other news, Layer Zero is also expected to launch their token within this month while Zircuit, another L2 with $3B+ TVL has also tweeted that a “big announcement” is coming.

June is gearing up to be a big month for airdrops. Stay tuned for more updates next week!


Once seen as a villain by the crypto community, Gensler's role as the chair of the SEC has been nothing short of impactful. His tenure has been marked by a series of controversial decisions and regulatory actions that have left a lasting imprint on the crypto space.

One of the most notable controversies was the SEC's crackdown on initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2018, which Gensler viewed as ripe for fraud and abuse. 

This move earned him a lot of criticism from crypto enthusiasts who saw it as stifling innovation. 

Additionally, his firm stance on classifying most cryptocurrencies as securities subjected them to stringent regulatory requirements, causing a significant stir in the market.

Despite the tension, Gensler's influence extends beyond just regulations. He has been at the forefront of major developments such as the approval of the Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) in January 2024. 

This was a significant milestone for the industry, as it marked the first time investors could gain exposure to Bitcoin through a regulated financial product, thus bridging the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of crypto.

Also, in March 2024, the SEC approved the first spot Ethereum (ETH) ETFs, a historic move too. This approval includes applications from major firms like VanEck, BlackRock, and Fidelity, signaling a significant step forward in integrating crypto assets into traditional financial markets. This came amid speculation about Ether being classified as a security, but it nevertheless marked a pivotal moment for the industry​.

Gary Gensler's actions have undoubtedly shaped the crypto landscape, making him a pivotal figure in its evolution. 

While his regulatory approach has often been seen as adversarial, it's clear that his influence is a crucial part of the ongoing dialogue around crypto's future. 

His tenure highlights the complex relationship between innovation and regulation, underscoring that even those perceived as adversaries can play vital roles in the growth and maturation of the crypto industry.

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