Diving into the rabbit hole, one newsletter at a time.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of AlphaTLDR!

Editorial Prelude

First and foremost, thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Developed by the team behind The Apelist and Alphabot, our new weekly newsletter is designed to offer you concise and informative insights into the world of WEB3, CRYPTO, and NFT’s. Join us in exploring the latest developments in these dynamic spaces, providing you with thoughtful snippets each week.

Oh another newsletter you say! So, what makes this one different?

What we believe sets us apart is our integrated relationship within WEB3 through Apelist and Alphabot, and equally important, our team composition. We have curated seven writers - yes, the notorious one insisted on that number - each specializing in distinct areas. Fondly referred to as our 'writers in residence,' we invite you to get acquainted with them. Without delay, allow me to introduce our fantastic team.

Co-creator: JRAFALE

Introducing the enigmatic JRafale, fondly referred to as 'J' by those in his inner circle. As a visionary founder of both Apelist and Alphabot, J embodies qualities that go beyond the ordinary. Humble and grounded, his annoyingly nice demeanour is complemented by a fiercely private nature. A man of few words!

F**k around and find out

Co-creator: SEVEN

Seven will oversee the weekly publication of the newsletter and has transitioned from his role as the AMA Host at The Apelist to a more strategic and business development position. As part of The Apelist and Alphabot, he will collaborate to help projects achieve their strategic goals as well as working with the team to grow The Apelist and Alphabot portfolio. Don’t worry he will still be our AMA guy.

Honoured and privileged by the trust and faith the founders at The Apelist and Alphabot have placed in my ability to work with them in growing these legendary brands… no pressure!

What’s the Meta: ABHZ

Meet Abhz, a thought leader and healthcare geek turned WEB3 strategist. Rooted in a passion for technology, Abhz dives deep into the world of WEB3, blending skills with a touch of degen spirit.

With a mission to fuel growth and shape the narrative of WEB3, Abhz aspires to co-create with fellow enthusiasts, weaving a compelling tale of innovation and collaboration.

Ecstatic to announce my inclusion in the AlphaTLDR team! Alphabot, a trailblazer in the WEB3 realm, continues to innovate and push the industry forward.

My mission: to synergize with this team of adept creators, collectively propelling the growth and narrative of WEB3 through seamless co-creation and collaboration.

Crypto Market Analysis: DWDRUMMER

DWdrummer, the mind behind CryptoRudiments.org, boasting a decade of expertise in conventional markets. In 2019, DWdrummer transitioned seamlessly into the realm of cryptocurrencies, adeptly applying well-established investment strategies to the digital currency landscape. The overarching goal of DWdrummer is straightforward: to unravel the complexities of the crypto sphere and anchor investment choices in robust, actionable data.

I am excited to join the AlphaTLDR team and collaborate with likeminded people. Aiming to give you quick, clear-cut crypto analysis you deserve.

Notable Events & Drops: MANI

Mani has been captivated by NFT technology and culture, finding it intriguing how art suddenly became accessible to everyone. Recognising brands like BAYC, Azuki, and Pudgy Penguins as key contributors. The communities formed around NFTs played a significant role in fuelling Mani's passion for the space.

I'm grateful to AlphaTLDR for giving me this opportunity. Excited to work alongside other great content creators.

Project Spotlight: HUNTCLUBHERO

Coming from the corporate world, Huntclubhero has been fully immersed in WEB3 since 2021 and enjoyed watching the space develop live with all of us as links in the chain. An engaged Azuki community member and co-founder of Thebeanlist, Hunt has traded thousands of NFTs, acquiring numerous valuable lessons along the journey.

I am honoured to be able to highlight projects pushing the space, culture, and tech forward with the AlphaTLDR team. I have always looked to; inform, entertain, and grow, through this publication I am now getting the chance to scale those goals.

Degen Plays (DYOR/NFA): ALI

Ali, an accountant in WEB2 who started crypto trading since 2017 and NFTs in 2020. He is known in the space as a founder and degen trader due to his irregular sleep schedule and constant NFT flips. Ali joined the WEB3 space as the concept of NFTs fascinated him coupled with the constant growth in connections.

I am very pleased to join AlphaTLDR and I look forward to covering degen mints weekly alongside our talented team.

Artist Spotlights: SEND IT

Send It is a UK taste maker having worked across music, art, tv and fashion with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world. Having made a name for himself with his weekly Beyond The GM space, where he’s interviewed some of the top project founders in the space from the likes of Pudgy Penguins, Bored Ape, Azuki, Doodles, Sappy Seals as well as artists joining the show such as Grant Yun, Jake Fried, Terrell Jones, Allmendra Bertoni, & Cory Van Lew.

Excited to contribute to AlphaTLDR along side some great names, looking forward to spotlighting artists and their new projects.

For the Culture: ODEKA

ODEKA, a devoted father and graphic designer, entered the WEB3 space for financial gain and creative expression two years ago. Exploring WEB3 to expand creativity and gain insights, ODEKA aims to be a positive influence and contributor. Seeking growth and visibility, his goal is to become a valuable resource and friend in the space.

Thrilled about joining AlphaTLDR. I look forward to collaborating with talented writers and creators. This opportunity feels like the natural next step in my journey for personal and professional growth.

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